HTC One A9’s $400 promotional pricing ends today, now available at AT&T and Sprint


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After being available for pre-order for about 2 weeks now, the time for the HTC One A9’s special promotional pricing is finally drawing to a close. Priced at $400 for pre-sales, now that the phone has begun hitting carrier stores today, the unlocked model will soon jump to $500. If you thought that price was a little hard to swallow before, now you’ll choke on it.

Carrier versions of the phone have also been marked up (some more than others), with Sprint offering up the phone for $700 full-price. Yes, you read that right. We’re guessing that’s simply there to nudge customers into buying the phone on installment payments, where it can be paid off at $29 over 24 months. AT&T is also offering up the HTC One A9 today as well, priced at either $99 with a 2-year contract or $17.34 for 30 months.

Both AT&T and Sprint only carry the Carbon Gray (black) or Opal Silver (white) colors, while buying direct from HTC adds purple and gold (coming soon) options to the mix. If you had your heart set on the phone and were looking to save a little more money in the long run, you’d better hurry — the unlocked HTC One A9 will jump to $500 starting at 12:01AM tonight. Still on the fence? Check out our full review here.

Buy the HTC One A9: HTC | AT&T | Sprint

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