Get a Pebble Time for $150 ($50 off), but only for a limited time


Pebble Time discount 50 dollars

Despite looking a too juvenile for its own good, the Pebble Time is still one of the better smartwatches to launch this year. What it lacks in raw features and looks, it makes up for with a full week of battery life and a slim form factor, making it one of the few smartwatches that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a full-sized clock on your wrist.

The only thing holding the watch back, at least for us, was the steep asking price. If you were looking to pick up a shiny new wearable this holiday season but didn’t know where to start, the now discounted Pebble Time could be the perfect fit. Today it’s been marked down to a much more palatable $150, a full $50 off its normal asking price of $200. Why the discount? We’re not entirely sure, but perhaps Pebble heard most consumers aren’t willing drop more than $175 for a wearable computing device (smartwatch). Just a thought.

Keep in mind that the more premium and mature looking Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round are still their respective full prices, coming in at $250, a full $100 more than the regular Time. You can pick up the Pebble Time directly from Pebble here, or via the Amazon link below.

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