Nov 2nd, 2015


Over the weekend, a report from The Wall Street Journal was the source of a rumor stating that Google would soon merge Chrome OS into Android, uniting both platform into one and creating a single Google OS to rule them all. It certainly didn’t sound too far fetched but in surprising move, Google is now addressing these rumors in a recent blog post.

According to Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer — SVP of Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast — Chrome OS isn’t going anywhere. At least not anytime soon. In fact, Google even went as far as detailing some of the plans they have for the platform. Apparently they’ve been working on updating Chrome OS’s UI to that of Material Design UI (you know, like Android) and even have plans for a whole new set of Chromebooks in 2016.

Of course, there was no mention of anything beyond that and it’s worth mentioning that the WSJ report said the merger of Chrome OS and Android would happen as early as 2017. Just want to throw that out there.

[Google Chrome Blog]

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