Google quietly slips invite-only “Who’s Down?” app into the Play Store


Google Who's Down app

Google has quietly slipped a new social app into the Play Store called “Who’s Down?”. Accessible only by invite, the app aims to make meeting up with friends easier by quickly seeing who’s available — and more importantly willing — to hang out. It’s DTH, not DTF.

The app does this by giving users a switch they can flip whenever they’re down to hang, setting a time period and waiting for friends to do the same. You can even customize exactly what it is you’re down for (studying, eating, coffee) and although it’s not meant to be a hookup app, we imagine “Netflix and chill” will be a popular choice among today’s youth. You can even chat with friends willing to meetup via a conversation window within the app.

Although the app is only accessible by invite, you can request one by downloading the app and then entering your email and school. Yes, school. We’re not sure why that’s a requisite, but it seems Google wants to make sure things stay local, similar to YikYak. The app’s title also specifically says “FALL 2015,” so we can only assume that general availability will open up soon. Download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Who’s Down?

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