Google announces new OnHub wireless router, this time made by ASUS


OnHub by ASUS Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.29.02 PM

Google kind of caught everyone off guard earlier this year with the release of OnHub, their first wireless router that was as stylish as it was powerful. Manufactured by TP-Link, the “intelligent” router also came with a pretty steep asking price — a whopping $200 when purchased from the Google Store.

Because Google is only as powerful as your internet and wireless routers can be the most ugly, un-user friendly devices in your home, the internet search giant is launching yet another OnHub wireless router, one made by ASUS that can detect hand gestures. It looks fairly similar too, almost like the TP-Link version only flipped upside down.

Google says that waving your hand over the top of the router will boost WiFi speeds for a particular device (say what?) and it will also come out of the box with their new smart antenna algorithm that intelligently selects the best combination of antennas to direct WiFi to your devices. This is based on both their location and orientation (like the kitchen or bedroom) and is a feature that will also roll out to the older TP-Link model because OnHubs are smart like that.

The ASUS OnHub wireless router will retail for $220 when it launches later this year. You can pre-order the new OnHub via their site here, or join the waitlist on the Google Store.


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