T-Mobile once again offering their ’10 gigs for all plan’, only $120 for a limited time


T-Mobile 10 gigs for all plan return tmobile 10 gigs for all

If you’ve been looking to make the jump to another carrier (especially after Verizon is rumored to be raising prices of their grandfathered unlimited plans), T-Mobile might be the right fit for you. Old Magenta is once again offering up their “10 gigs for all” plan which gives customers 4 lines with 10GB of high-speed data each. Not bad for only $120.

The only real way to take advantage of this deal is if you have friends/family willing to go in on a family as 4 lines are the minimum. Not that it really matters to you, but the way T-Mobile works out the math is the first 2 lines are $50 each, followed by a 3rd line for $20, and the 4th line is free. Whatever. It’s $120 for 4 lines (which works out to around $30 a line). Should you need more data, you can double the data to 20GB, just add another $10 per line. Not bad.

As always, the usual T-Mobile perks apply as well, so customers can take advantage of their Data Stash roll-over, no roaming charges in Canada/Mexico, and free music streaming on select services. Oh, and if you’re stuck in a contract, T-Mobile will even cover that too, up to $650 to get you out. Pretty nuts. For more, hit up the link below.


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