Nighttime photos taken with Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6 are like night and day [CAMERA TEST]


It’s almost crazy to think we’ve arrive at a point in time where Android OEMs are finally building smartphone cameras that can rival the iPhone’s. Not just rival either. In some cases, these new crops of Androids mop the floor with it. We know Google was making a big deal out of the huge new sensor found in the Nexus 6P and 5X, not because it had more megapickles, but because it has bigger pixels to let in more light, which is said to bring much more impressive low-light shooting (the biggest shortcoming facing just about any smartphone shooter these days).

Because talk is cheap, we were reserving judgement until we saw actual results. With the Nexus 6P and 5X shipping as early as tomorrow, you probably want to see what you got yourself into. Luckily for us, someone in China was (allegedly) able to get a hold of a Nexus 6P engineering sample and the first thing he thought of doing was to test out the phone’s low-light shooting capabilities and posting to Reddit. He compared it against the iPhone 6 and the results were quite staggering. Take a look down below.

Photos alternate between iPhone 6 shots, followed by Nexus 6P

While these tests do paint the Nexus 6P in a positive light, to be fair, the guy who took the shots didn’t specify whether he was using HDR+ mode on the 6P, which produces some pretty amazing low-light results even on last year’s Nexus 6. Also worth mentioning are the files sizes. The Nexus 6P’s averaged about 4MB in size whereas the iPhone 6 was barely able to push out 1MB. Before you run off and gloat to your iPhone friends, we’d still like to see how the phone compares against something like the bigger iPhone 6 Plus and its OIS. The Nexus 6P having the “best” camera will ultimately be left up to users to decide, but if nothing else, we have faith it will certainly be great.

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