Someone created an LG Nexus (2015) mockup and compared its size with other Android flagships [VIDEO]


LG Nexus 2015 mockup side comparison

Thanks to a handful of leaks from case manufacturers spilling all the deets about the upcoming LG Nexus (aka Nexus 5 2015), we know how big the phone is on paper: 146.9mm high, 72.9mm wide, and 8mm thick (9.8mm if you count the camera protrusion). The problem is getting a good real-world representation of that size, specifically when compared against other Android devices.

Ask current Nexus 5 (2013) owners and many will tell you one of their favorite aspects of the phone was its compact size. With current smartphones ever inching toward phablet territory (the Moto X Style is the perfect example of this), a valid concern among Nexus 5 fans is how much bigger this LG Nexus will be over the original.

Here to help give us get a better idea of what to expect is a video from YouTuber Canoopsy. Taking the dimensions provided in that leaked render (a 3D image created from a leaked CAD file) he’s gone ahead and printed out a sort of dummy unit of the phone. Okay, so it’s just a cutout of the LG Nexus based on those leaked dimensions. But putting the phone side-by-side with many of today’s biggest Android flagships, it gives us just a little better idea of what to expect from the phone when it launches later this year.

LG Nexus 2015 vs 2013

Surprisingly enough, the LG Nexus 2015 is a little larger than we would have liked. It’s significantly larger than the original Nexus 5, coming in at about the same size of the HTC One M9. That’s not to say it’s overly large, it’s still very much dwarfed by the Galaxy Note 5 if that’s any consolation. Have a look for yourself in the video down below and let us know if you think the phone will still be too big, or if it’s just right.

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