Aug 13th, 2015

Note 5 Keyboard

We’ve moved past physical keyboards on phones, but Blackberry never gave up on them. Now people look back at those outdated devices with nostalgic glasses on. Samsung has heard the faint cries for physical keyboards and delivered with a new accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

The Samsung keyboard accessory clips on to the front of the device, nestled at the bottom like a typical Blackberry phone. It covers the bottom third of the display, but that’s actually a very good thing. Keyboard accessories in the past have attached to the bottom of phones making them obnoxiously long. When Samsung’s keyboard is attached the phone recognizes it and shifts the contents of the display accordingly.

Underneath the keyboard is where the magic happens. The touchscreen senses the key presses, which means it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth to send information to the phone. The major benefit of this technique is the keyboard requires no batteries or charging. The Recents, Home, and Back buttons work the same way. When you’re not using the keyboard you can clip it to the backside of the phone.

Samsung did not announce pricing or release date for this accessory. It’s a novel idea, but we’re doubtful it can top the speed and accuracy of virtual keyboards. Still, for some people, feeling those keys is all they want. What do you think about this accessory? Do you want one?

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