5 Burning Questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Later today we should see the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 get officially announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event. As always, there have been a lot of rumors and leaks leading up to this day. We know a lot about the device already, but there are still some questions left to be answered. Here are 5 interesting questions from Android Forums.

For more discussion, see the Galaxy Note 5 Forum

1. “Is the Note 5 a “side-grade” at best?”

In this thread the OP argues that the Note 4 is not a significant upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. He argues that the Note 5 has fewer features, including no SD card slot, no removable battery, no IR blaster, and a less powerful battery than the Note 4. Not all of these specs are confirmed, but if they do come true he has a point.

The big question is will the new features make up for the removal of old features? Will a better build, faster processor, more RAM, and an improved camera make it worth the upgrade? That’s hard to answer right now, but by the end of the day we should have a better idea. [Discuss this topic]

2. Will the Galaxy Note 5 be waterproof?

The next thread is about the Note 5 being waterproof. Samsung has been pretty hit or miss with waterproofing devices. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was waterproof, but then the Samsung Galaxy S6 was not. In the past they have released “Active” models with waterproof capabilities, but we’ve never seen a waterproof Note, or a Note Active.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see a completely waterproof Note 5, but we could see “water resistant” capabilities. A water-resistant phone will be protected from splashes and spills, but should not be fully submerged in liquid. We’ll guess there is a 45% chance the Note 5 is water resistant. What do you think? [Discuss this topic]

3. Is the lack of an IR blaster a deal breaker?

Everyone has their own “deal breaker.” For some people it’s a bad camera, for others it’s bad battery life. The OP in this thread says the rumored lack of an IR blaster in the Note 5 is a deal breaker. We certainly see his point. Once you can control your TV with your phone it’s hard to go back. It’s a big convenience. How do you feel about an IR blaster? Do you care if a phone has it? [Discuss this topic]

4. Will the Note 5 work with the Gear VR?

The OP in this thread is worried about compatibility with the Samsung Gear VR. Currently, Samsung’s VR headset is compatible with the Note 4, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge. There’s no reason to believe the new Note 5 will not work with the Gear VR, too. It would be very shocking if Samsung announced a new VR headset for the Note 5, but crazier things have happened. [Discuss this topic]

5. When will the Note 5 be released?

There was some early speculation that August 13th would be the release date for the Note 5. Obviously, today will be the announcement date, but will it also be released? It’s not uncommon for devices to be released on announcement day, but usually there are far more leaks leading up to it. People will start seeing devices show up at carriers stores and places like Best Buy.

We haven’t seen much of that with the Note 5, which leads us to believe today will not be release day. However, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for it to launch. Look for a late August/September release date to be announced. [Discuss this topic]


What questions do you still have about the Note 5? Do you plan on buying this device? Head on over to Android Forums to discuss this topic before the big event!

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