First batch of OnePlus 2 invites have supposedly begun rolling out today


OnePlus 2 invites

After the OnePlus 2 officially became “available” for purchase yesterday, OnePlus announced on their Google+ page that it’s only today the first wave of invites have officially rolled out. Since this is what you’ll need to actually buy the phone, we’re not sure how the phone was available yesterday, but we’re guessing only a select few had early access to invites.

OnePlus continues to push signing up for their pre-invite reservation list. This is where you have the opportunity to wait for your chance at securing an invite. These are given out during special instances and even allow signups to increase their chances of snagging an invite by moving up on the list using referral links. Upon signing up, click the link sent in your confirmation email to see where you rank.

With over 3 million signups already, you could be waiting awhile. We are currently in the 2,937 position and have yet to receive our invite, if that’s any consolation. Link to purgatory the waiting list provided below.

[OnePlus 2 waiting list]

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