Micro-Flip is the reversible micro USB cable Android devices deserve [VIDEO]


Micro-Flip reversible micro USB

Chalk it up as another one of life’s #firstworldproblems, but there are few things in life that frustrate me on a continually daily basis than fiddling around with the micro USB port on my phone. Whether I’m driving at night or trying to plug in before bed, the amount of effort involved just isn’t proportional to something that should come so easy — connecting my charging cable to my phone.

Now, we already know that in the near-ish future, this will be little more than a terrible distant memory, like roll up car windows, or LaserDiscs. But even with USB Type C launching later this year, it’s going to take some time before it catches on everywhere. Even when it does, what about all your current devices — cameras, Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, tablets, smartphones, controllers —  that still require an old fashioned micro USB connector? That’s where Micro-Flip comes in.

Micro-Flip reversible USB cable


Micro-Flip uses a unique design with pins on both sides of the connector. This, coupled with Its unique shape, allows it to slide in easily no matter which way you shove it into your device. With already $14,848 pledged of its $15,000 Kickstarter goal and 12 days left to go, Micro-Flip is on the right track to getting funded. So far, the only tiers left available are for the $15 pledge which gets you a single 1M long cable (add $3 for 2M) and an adapter. The best part is Micro-Flip is set to begin shipping in October, so you wont be for ages before receiving it. It’s a little expensive, we know. But sometimes that’s just what you pay for convenience.

Micro-Flip USB cable GIF

We’ve already seen other interesting Kickstarter solutions like that magnetic adapter, but unlike ZNAPS (or even a USB Type C device like the OnePlus 2), you wont be left high and dry should you leave the cable or adapter at home. With a fully reversible USB micro USB cable, it’s convenient when do have it, but not that big of a deal when you don’t. You can find a link to the Kickstarter campaign via the link below.

[Micro-Flip on Kickstarter]

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