The Moto G 2015 and Moto X 2nd Gen look so similar, Motorola thinks you won’t tell the difference [VIDEO]


Moto G 2015 commercial Moto X 2nd Gen 2

Yes, folks. That’s the Moto X 2nd Gen being passed off as the Moto G 2015

Yesterday, Motorola uploaded a new commercial to their YouTube channel advertising the recently launched Motorola Moto G 2015. While the quick ad sport was refreshingly chuckle-worthy, there was something that stuck out to us during close ups of the phone. Wait — is that. No, it couldn’t be. Tiny bezels… IR sensors in the bottom corners… Holy crap that’s a Moto X 2nd Gen!

Moto X 2nd Gen Moto G 2015 comparison

Moto X 2nd Gen, phone from the video, Moto G 2015

Other hints like a metal frame with plastic lines can also be seen in the video which, according to their position, tell us it’s the Moto 2nd Gen and not the Moto X Style’s (which are much closer to the USB port). Now, we get it. It’s a common mix up. Especially when your entire product line looks so similar. But this wasn’t a quick social media post as we saw with the One M8/M9 flub — this is a full blown commercial.

Lest anyone think we’re being a little too hard on Motorola, we understand this is more on whoever they contracted to make the commercial. Still, you would think whoever cleared this on Motorola’s end would have noticed they were using last year’s flagship to advertise this year’s mid-range offering. We’re not even mad, we just expected more. See for yourself at the 0:21 mark in the video below.


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