PSA: The Moto X Style will be rebranded as the ‘Moto X Pure Edition’ in the US


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Motorola sort of threw everyone for a loop when they officially announced this year’s flagship as the “Motorola Moto X Style.” Maybe it’s because we, as did everyone else, kind of assumed they’d stick with their usual naming convention and call the phone the Motorola Moto X 2015. Well, it appears that may not have been the full story. As we saw with the Moto X Play, it appears we wont be seeing the Moto X Style launch in the US either. Well, not under that name anyway.

Motorola Moto X Pure Edition 2015

For the US, the Moto X Style will officially be rebranded as the “Motorola Moto X Pure Edition” (2015). It’s not a huge deal, just one we thought should be pointed out for future references made to each version. Really there aren’t too many differences other than the Pure Edition supporting all the various frequency bands that make the phone work on any carrier here in the US (even Verizon). Because it offers a “pure Android experience,” expect to see software updates hit the phone around the same time as Nexus devices (maybe even sooner). The Motorola Moto X Pure Edition 2015 will be sold directly through Motorola on their site starting at $400.

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