A look at the five different StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus 2 [PHOTOS]


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OnePlus 2 style swap covers DSC09824

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The OnePlus 2 has finally been announced, and one of the best features is the replaceable back covers. This is certainly not a new or innovative feature by any means. OnePlus promised this same thing for the OnePlus One, but that never came to fruition. This time OnePlus says they’ve improved the “StyleSwap” system, and it’s ready for the prime time. We were able to get our hands on all five StyeSwap covers. Here’s what they look like. (click to enlarge)


OnePlus 2 kevlar carbon fiber DSC09836

Black Apricot

OnePlus 2 DSC09851

Bamboo (right)

OnePlus 2 Style Covers DSC09880


OnePlus 2 DSC09884


OnePlus 2 DSC09861

The black sandstone is the stanard cover that will come on ever OnePlus 2. The other four options will be available for $27 a piece. What do you think of the materials? Will you be buying an extra back cover for your OnePlus 2?

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