Jul 20th, 2015

Nintendo Smart Boy concept 1

We don’t normally find ourselves getting worked up over device concept renders. Sure, they can be fun. But more than often they’re little more than a tease meant to give us Android blue balls. Nobody likes that. Still, we couldn’t help but take notice at a new one by designer Pierre Cerveau making its way around the net. Dubbed the Nintendo Smart Boy, this Game Boy inspired concept design shows us what could have been had Nintendo entered the smartphone race.

The concept really isn’t too out there, with the craziest feature being hot swappable modules that mimic the appearance of classic Game Boy cartridges to add bonus battery power, internal storage, or a camera to the device. Aside from an attachable classic game pad that also provides a battery boost, the Smart Boy features a handy power saving black and green “8-bit” mode to cut back on power. Amazing.

Really, it’s a lot to handle and we can’t decide if we want to cry, or get angry that we don’t have something like this already. Even if only a dedicated gaming handheld, we’d still be throwing our money at the screen. Thanks, Nintendo.

Thanks, Jeremy!

[Pierre Cerveau]

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