Microsoft’s Hyperlapse out of beta and officially available for all Android 4.4+ devices


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After initially launching in beta back in May, Microsoft’s Hyperlapse is now officially available to all. Well, most people. It’s only working on Android 4.4 KitKat devices on up, which is still a fairly big chunk of Android devices. In either case, Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile lets you take incredibly smooth and stable timelapse videos using nothing but your smartphone.

It’s a lot different than traditional timelapse and a little different than Instagram’s implementation (which isn’t available on Android, by the way) in that you have more freedom to actually move the camera around. Thanks to multi frame rendering, Microsoft’s technology allows for much more movement by creating this sort of 3D image on the fly. For more on this, check out Microsoft’s research page here or just watch the technical explanation video down below.

While it’s not an app everyone will use all of the time, there are some interesting use cases such as quickly showing off a hiking trip or exploring a city (this would have been awesome to see during Kevin’s recent biking trip across the country). The best part about Microsoft Hyperlapse is that there are no longer any beta testing hoops to jump through. Simply jump onto the Google Play Store and download Microsoft Hyperlapse on your Android device right now. It’s totally free.

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