OnePlus 2 camera sample shows very impressive results


OnePlus 2 engineering prototype

Samples are great. It’s one of the many reasons I love to shop at Costco (and why I never spoil a meal by eating beforehand). Getting a taste for something before you buy can help you make all the right choices and smartphones are no different. Right now, it seems like a fair amount of you — Android users — are basing your next smartphone purchase off of whether or not it can take a great photo.

By now, we all know that megapixels mean next to nothing when it comes to actual output (most phones are using similar, if not the exact same, Sony imaging sensors anyway), with so much more relying on the actual camera’s software. For the OnePlus 2, the manufacturer can hype it up all they want. If that camera isn’t great, most of you will pass it up for whatever else is coming around the bend.

Thankfully, YouTuber MKBHD was able to get his hands on an early prototype (the phone is only just barely exiting the design verification stage) and posted a photo taken by the device’s 13MP camera onto Google+ for all to examine. The results are more than impressive and although we aren’t experts, it’s hard to find a single flaw with that image. Of course, that is only 1 photo and we’ll need to see more under various lighting conditions before making a final judgement. As it stands, the OnePlus 2 hype train is still building up steam. Let’s see how long it lasts.

OnePlus 2 camera sample


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