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If you’ve been dying to get your head inside the HTC Vive — and believe us, you should — southern California residents will have a chance to test drive it for themselves during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. HTC will be setting up shop all weekend long, giving out free demos to anyone (not just Comic-Con attendees) looking to have their minds blown.

It’s a surreal experience, one that left our own Rob Jackson virtually speechless when he played with it during this year’s Mobile World Congress. Unlike other virtual reality experiences, the Vive actually physically maps the world around you so you’re not just stationary, you actually get to move around inside the environment. Really, you’ll just have to try it for yourself (or check out our initial hands-on impressions here) because quite frankly, it’s unlike any other VR experience before it.

HTC will be setting up shop on the corner of Island Ave and 6th Street (530 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101) from 10AM to 8PM this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (July 9th – 12th). If you’re heading out on Sunday, keep in mind they’ll be closing up shop early at 6PM. Those of you in other parts of the US, this is only the first stop in HTC Vive’s US tour. You find out where it’s headed this summer with dates and locations provided down below:

  • Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY: on July 17th – 19th,
  • The International, Seattle, WA: August 2nd – 8th
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