Samsung is offering a $200 rebate when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at full price


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Notable Savings promo

By now you know there’s a good chance the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wont come with a micro SD card, or removable battery. While not everyone will have a problem with this, for some it’s unforgivable. Losing out on this utility simply isn’t worth it for a newer, shinier Galaxy Note.

This means for some of you eying a Samsung phablet — micro SD and removable battery intact — the only real option is last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s not a bad phone by any means. The Note 4 still offers top notch specs and if you act fast, you can even get it at a discount.

Samsung has a nice little promotion going for the Note 4, offering up a $200 rebate for anyone that buys the phone full price between now and July 26th. Samsung says you’ll have to buy the phone from one of their national retailers and the offer is only good here in the US. The most difficult part about the promotion is their rebate form which will have you jumping through a few hoops in order to get it approved. Here are the directions straight Samsung’s T&C:

“Submit the original cash register receipt for the Qualifying Purchase online by first printing his/her name on the original register receipt, signing and including the submission date on the receipt, clearly circling the Qualifying Purchase, and then following the on-screen prompts to upload a photograph or .PDF of the original register receipt showing the Qualifying Purchase. The file must be in .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, or .PDF format and may not exceed 5 MB.”

Once a purchase has been made, you’ll have until August 26th to submit the order form/receipt or you’ll miss out on the rebate. At about $700 for most of the carrier variants, this should bring the full price down to something a little more digestible. Here’s where you can find the phone (US Cellular and Sprint purchases are not permitted
in this offer):

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

[Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Notable Savings Promotion]

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