Moto X (2013) begins soak testing for Android 5.1 Lollipop update


Moto X active notifications

The original Motorola Moto X may be close to 2 years old, but that doesn’t mean users are any less impatient to get Lollipop. It has been a long wait for this big update. Last month we heard the update was in testing and would arrive in a few weeks if everything went well. Apparently everything went well, because now we’re hearing the update is in soak testing.

Software product manager David Schuster says they are soak testing in the U.S. right now. If everything looks good again we could see the official update roll out as early as next week. They also are soak testing in Brazil and Canada. In order to get the update notification make sure you’ve accepted any updates from the Play Store for Motorola Update Services (to version 4 or higher). Do we have any Moto X (1st Gen) soak testers?

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  1. I’m with Rogers Canada and I am getting the update now! I’m currently installing what seems like a OTA before the OTA (its only 1.2mb big)

    1. That’s just the 911 bug fix that went out to all recent moto phones.

  2. Nothing here but I also couldn’t find Motorola Update Services listed anyplace.

    Edit. can anyone confirm that this app is not supposed to work with verizon ?

    1. When I search for it on the web Play Store, I see it, and it says already installed. If I click to install again, it does download and install, but there is no real sign of it on the phone. It has the same icon as the “Motorola Contextual Services” app. I have yet to receive an update for the soak test, but maybe it’s just a Verizon thing.

      1. So it does. Thanks. I just received my replacement moto x this morning, so i was worried that i might have disabled it.

  3. What is this elusive Motorola Update Services that you speak of?

    1. Doesn’t apply to VZ phones

      1. My Moto X 2013 on Verizon has it.

        1. Weird, mine has it now too, before the last minor VZ update, it would always say “this app is not compatible with your device”

          1. That’s odd. I’ve had it since 2014.

  4. Daughter’s Moto X just got the 5.1 update this morning… seems to be working fine. She came in, and goes: ‘This new system update is really weird looking’… LOL

    1. She enrolled in the soak testing?

      1. Honestly.. my wife, daughter, and I had the 2013 MotoX, and I signed up myself and the wife.. but I don’t remember ever signing up my daughter for the test. Additionally, any time we’d have testing coming up, we’d get notifications to our Gmails, to agree or disagree to. She never got one for 5.1

        1. Thanks

  5. Just got the notification to update my Moto X (2013) Developer’s Edition.

    1. The update worked for two days. Now it’s bricked.

  6. How do I find out if I have the latest version 4 for Motorola Update Services? I have both the 2013 and 2014 Moto X phones.

    1. Device settings > Apps (Under Device) > Motorola Update Services.

      The version number will be listed directly under the name. For reference, I have version 5.0.

      1. I have version 5.0 … does it mean U should get the update ?

  7. I have Moto X DE (XT1053), bought from US Retail. Nowadays i’m living in UAE is there any issue if u are not in the same Region like US ? Cause i didn’t get the notification yet. Everything is updated.

    1. Same here, I am bought the same model and I live in Egypt now … how can I get that soak test ?

  8. Any word on the Droid Ultra (XT1080)??? Kinda that same phone but for Verizon but more RAM!!!!!

  9. I bough the 2013 Moto x on amazon in the US but I live in Latin America, is there a chance I could get this soak test? I’ve checked the system update option and still don’t have it.

  10. about 20 hours ago I got a notification to update my Moto X to Android
    Lollipop, i wanted to do it, but got problem with free space. I cleared
    some data, but now when i go to Sttings -> About phone -> System updates i get the notification that my devise software is up to date. How can i update it now?

  11. Nothing for me yet. I’m on Verizon in Dallas. Hoping for something soon.

    1. Only retail phones are getting the update so far…carrier phones take longer (week to months)

      1. I bought my phone directly from Motorola. Does that make a difference?

        1. Nope

  12. Nothing for México.

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