ZTE reportedly working on a smartphone called the Star 3 with a 5.5-inch 4K display



We’ve just started warming up to the idea of smartphones outfitted with 2K displays, and already it seems manufacturers could be looking towards 4K in this year’s devices. We’ve heard rumors that Samsung could be looking to equip this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a ultra high-def 4K display (up from last year’s 2K display).

Today MyDrivers is reporting that ZTE could be looking to introduce their own 4K smartphone this year, codenamed the Star 3. The device will allegedly come equipped with a 5.5-inch TFT display carrying a eye-blistering 806 ppi. To keep this device from eating up too much battery, the display employs some kind of “crystal structure” tech which is less taxing on the CPU.  The Star 3 will also allegedly feature the world’s narrowest borders, which we assume are in reference to the bezels.

Of course, nothing at this point is confirmed and there’s no real way to validate any of these claims. While we don’t often see ZTE devices launch outside their homeland of China (at least not their high-end models), it would be interesting to see another handset hit the market with such a crazy high spec. It’s still a little too early to say, but it seems 2015 could officially be the year of the 4K smartphone.

Chris Chavez
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  1. There’s no point on anything beyond 1080p on a 5.5″ screen. Yeah its the future blah, blah, blah…I’m still comfortable with my Xperia ZR’s 4.5″ 720p screen (waiting for my OPPO Find7a to be replaced).

    1. I agree.

      That said, if this is ZTE’s path to a better looking display in terms of colors and brightness (my neverending complaints) with some pixie dust to reduce the battery issue as they increase resolution, I’m all for that.

      Of course my preference would be the pixie dust on a great 1080p display but it’s not a perfect world lol.

    2. I agree to a point; though we won’t be able to see much difference resolution wise the higher resolutions will really shine in the sun and other bright environments. More pixels means it’ll make the screen stand out better in certain environments.

      1. Whoever started that meme needs to be sent to bed without milk and cookies. :)

        Total light given off = (light/unit area) * (total area – area blocked by subpixel borders)

        Or – just light per total panel. More pixels doesn’t necessarily help or hurt ok, depends on several other construction factors.

        True for AMOLED and LCD. ;) :)

      2. Not sure how more pixels = better visibility in the sun…

        That definitely depends on the type of screen rather than pixels.

    3. 1440×2560 seems to be the sweet spot with 5.5″ screens. That’ll do ya just fine.

    4. If all OEMs thought like this we would still be using flip phones.

  2. Coming out on a ZTE phone it’ll be quickly brushed aside but if the note 5 releases with a 4K screen this site will be flooded with fan boys ejaculating themselves over how ‘groundbreaking’ Samsung is.

  3. But it will most likely come with a MediaTek with weak GPU that can barely push 4K =P

    1. Basically lol

  4. I couldn’t care less for a ZTE 4K smartphone, the only reason i opened this link was because of the 2 pretty women in the thumbnail pic! Damn it Chris, I fall for it every single time!

  5. Sounds practical

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