OnePlus One will not get Android 5.1 until the OnePlus 2 is released


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When OnePlus broke up with Cyanogen it made things a little more difficult for them on the software front. They were able to update the OnePlus One to Lollipop with their own OxygenOS, but it looks like the next update may take a while. Many users have been asking about OxygenOS’ Android 5.1 update. OnePlus says it won’t be available until after the upcoming OnePlus 2 is released.

We don’t know a ton about the OnePlus 2, but it must be relatively close if OnePlus is already referencing it by name. The OnePlus One was announced and released in April of 2014, so we’re already past the year anniversary. It’s a bummer for current OnePlus One owners who were promised fast updates to the latest versions of Android. Once again the #neversettle mantra has come back to haunt OnePlus.

Note: If you’re OnePlus has the CyanogenOS ROM you may already have Android 5.1. The 12.1 update (based on 5.1) is currently in testing.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. glad u dont have to settle ;)

  2. How misleading is this title and article? The OnePlus One is still getting android 5.1.1 with its OFFICIAL stock ROM CyanogenOS after it passes the certification phase which is already in progress.

    for god sakes it says it right in the thread that OnePlus posted “CM12.1, updated to 5.1, is on its way. We have a preview build that’s undergoing factory testing and google certification. You will have it soon.”

    1. It’s actually not misleading at all. It’s just saying the update won’t be coming out as soon as people may like it would have thought.

    2. Are you saying Oxygen OS is not official? And you say “stock”. If they’re using Oxygen OS now, doesn’t that mean CM is no longer stock to the OnePlus One?

      I don’t know much about it. I haven’t looked into it. I don’t know where to start with what everyone’s saying. LoL!!

      1. Actually they are both “stock.” OxygenOS was made by OnePlus’ new software team after the split with Cyanogen…..the team that made CM11S, and CM12S aka CyanogenOS.

        1. Ah. Somewhat similar to Samsung and Tizen on their smart watches. Both Android and Tizen are stock.

  3. 5.1 is buggy anyway. It also broke manual exposure in the stock camera, and third party cameras. Instead of fixing it, Google removed the setting from the camera app. I had to downgrade back to 5.0.2 to be able to take decent pictures again.

  4. Do I have to send my Oneplus back, as I’ve been running 5.1 for weeks now…

    Really disappointed with you phandroid… you should know better :(

    1. You’re not running OxygenOS.

      1. Your right.. I’m not… but your headline didn’t mention oxygenOS.. nor did it mention the cyanogenmodOS releases for cm12.1, or the official cm12.1 certification build (which may still happen before the oneplus 2)…

        Feel free to edit/update/rewrite your headline, so that it’s up to the standard we’ve come to know and love from this great website

        1. You’re right, the headline didn’t mention either one. That’s why articles are more than just a headline.

          I added a note for anyone who was confused, though the article never said anything about Cyanogen.

          1. Thanks for adding the note to the article :)

            There are a lot of sites out there that are mere clickbait headline grabbers.. so I’m happy that my regular source for android news isn’t one of them

        2. Feel free to shut up, honestly. You can say a lot of phones have 5.1 because there’s a nightly from CM for them. That doesn’t mean that they’re tested, supported or stable.

      2. Nor is he funny

  5. Here’s to hoping Android M builds a better reputation.

  6. For a company that promised updates to os 3 months after nexus received their update they sure know how to make things worse. At least the price is now half worth it.

  7. Meh. With all the issues tied to Lollipop, I don’t see any benefit with them updating the phone early on. Reports would have come in with all the issues that are tied to Lollipop. So I don’t really see much reason for them to update the phone so quickly.

    After seeing Lollipop, I’m no longer going to urk for updates. LoL!! Let it come out for Nexus devices and get the bugs out the way. Just look at how fast Android M is coming out.

    1. Except that 5.1 fixes a lot of 5.0’s issues. (really, 5.1 is more like 5.0.2 or 5.0.3 or whatever the next point release would’ve been, just like 4.4.3 brought a number of UI changes along with bugfixes)

      1. Yes, Lollipop has been quite the challenge to say the least! But,I can confirm (at least for my N5) that the latest 5.1.1 update has fixed any and all problems I had! My overall performance is much,much better…no more forced reboots and my battery life is the biggest improvement! Not having to carry my charger w/me is priceless…and I use my N5 alot,throughout the day…so I recommend this update if you can get it!

      2. My main point was related to the initial release. You actually proved my point. Wait until bug fixes. People are so determined to get the update instantly and when it sucks they complain. LoL!!

        I’d say this waiting is good. The update will be more smooth. Not that it’s wrong to get updates early. I just don’t expect anything initial to work. Part of testing is bringing out the product.

  8. I doubt these phones will ever get M.

    1. CM already promised it.

  9. I don’t understand why people complain about “not getting updates” with this phone. There are plenty of ROMs for the oneplus one (stable or otherwise) that run on 5.1 or even 5.1.1 unlike some other phones flashing other ROMs, recoveries, etc, on this phone does not void anything. If you really want 5.1 just get the cm12.1 nightlys. And if you’re sticking with oxygen because you’re an android purist who wants the closest to stock android as possible then just close your eyes when scrolling past the customization options in cyanogen or I don’t know maybe buy a nexus.

    1. This.. CM12 runs much better than the stock CM12S and I’ve been running Exodus on this and it’s already upgraded to 5.1.1 which has it’s own issues (Clash of Clans I’m talking to you). I get everyone’s “need” for the latest OS upgrades, but many times I find myself wanting to go back to CM11 and the better battery life and stability it had near the end of its life cycle.

      1. If your looking for better battery life there are some tweaks that you could do to your kernal to extend it. I’m running the latest cm12.1 nightly and I find I’ve been getting a full day of regular use without any issue, with heavier use I still usually make it through to the end or near end of the day before needing to charge.

  10. good article, very poor title. that’s pointed out to the author. no change to the very poor title. click bait really is click bait

  11. I agree with Tom, I’m sticking with KitKat on my one plus 1! can’t stand the look of a lollipop. + 1 + 1 still hasn’t fixed my touch screen issues! so I’ll wait to see if they have fixed the touch screen issues in M.

    1. The touchscreen issues were addressed and fixed with a firmware update back in April or may. If you were to jump to the latest version of cyanogen os then your issues should no longer be present. I experienced the touch issues and my device was severely effected to the point where using the phone without reverting to a previous version of the os was in impossible, but I’ve updated my phone to the latest and now I’m experiencing zero problems. Hope this helps

  12. Thanks Liam for your comments. I’m glad that your touch screen issues have been fixed, but reading the 1+1 forums, and some things on reddit, a lot of people are still having issues! I’m waiting till they get all the bugs worked out on lollipop before I update, or maybe I’ll wait till M comes out. I will probably have to theme the heck out of it to get rid of all the pastel colors and white blinding brightness. unless you know of a good rom that also has the equivalent privacy guard. Thanks in advance!

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