Google’s new Family section goes live in the Play Store, search for apps/games by age or popular characters


Google Play Family banner

It was announced onstage during Google I/O a few weeks back and today, Google’s new “Family” section is now officially live in the Google Play Store. The section is essentially a landing page for parents to go to when looking for kid-friendly apps in the Play Store. Not only does it highlight a variety of favorites, but allows users to search by their favorite characters or within their age group.

Google Play Family section

Apps in this section are carefully vetted by Google and developers must first apply to have their apps/games manually selected for inclusion. That means you shouldn’t have to worry about your kids running into any questionable content (although it’s always good to keep an eye on what they’re downloading).

It was sometime last week we also saw ESRB ratings accompany app listings on Google Play, something you’ll find on every title in the app store from here on out. Check out the new Family section by hitting up the link below.

[Google Play Family]

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  1. A bit confused. I’ve been seeing this live by me for the last 2 weeks…

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