On a scale of 1 to WTF, how terrible is Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 commercial? [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy S6 commercial

Say what you will about Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, but over the years, they’ve done a bang up job of advertising them. Their original “The Next Big Thing” and more recently “Next is now” commercials have done a great job at showing off cutting edge features and what makes their devices so great when compared against the competition (Apple), all with a sort of snarky undertone.

Maybe that’s why we don’t understand the direction Samsung is headed in their latest Galaxy S6 ad. The video — uploaded today on YouTube — features a hip dance soundtrack and bright colorful visuals. Nothing really makes sense, with the ad more or less focusing on “that new phone feeling” and a girl mindlessly snapping photos with her new Galaxy S6.

It’s actually one of the few ads that prominently displays the regular Samsung Galaxy S6 and not the Edge model, despite the title suggesting the Edge would be making an appearance. While it’s not likely to resonate with everyone, there is spot for random ads like these which simply feature a catchy tune and loads of branding to imprint a device in consumers brains. We only hope this is an offshoot and not a new trend for Samsung.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m sorry Gavin folks, it’s Apple Maps bad.

  2. WTF DID I JUST WATCH? other than the S6 makin a few appearnces ,choped but not screwed, this doesnt even look like a phone commercial at all.

    1. Did someone say chopped and screwed? Hit up your Texas boy!


      1. Sip that purp

  3. I couldn’t watch it all, truly terrible

  4. The formula nowadays is “Make something viral, profit”

    1. “Make someone vomit, YOLO” that is. This is clearly a commercial for stupid teenagers. Sponge-Bob style crap, you know.

      1. Sponge-Bob doesn’t deserve to be equated w/this S*** …………

  5. Whatttttt

  6. And in a blink of the eye,Samsung has wrest the CLIO award/WTF Category from HTC.
    Congrats Sammy……………….

  7. WTF

  8. Did they hire HTC’s ad people?

    1. I thought it was a nexus commercial.

      1. Coming from the Samsung fanboy, that’s hilarious! Do you realize you just put down the very same company you praise so highly? Seriously, do you even understand what you type?

    2. They own HTC’s, Apple’s, Moto’s, LG’s, Sony’s and every other lame competitors ad budgets. This is just one of their YouTube only videos! lol… Of none of their competitor own a Top 10 Marketing Firm of their own like Cheil Worldwide Marketing either! ;-P

  9. There’s a spot for simple random ads with lots of branding you say? As I recall Microsoft tried that formula for the surface, and it didn’t turn out so well for them.

    1. At some point someone should have stepped in that ad meeting and say, “Calm down, let’s just all calm the hell down. Just calmly feature the device and its best capabilities.”

  10. Plugging a qi wireless charger into a USB port, at that charge rate you can expect a fully charged s6 in a few years.

  11. WDMC is that…

  12. Say what you want about the commercial, but that is one gorgeous phone she’s holding. Man that blue s6 is killer.

  13. This is basically the modern day equivalent of this:


    1. The 80’s strike again!

    2. At least I can watch that one from start to finish!

      1. I can’t. LOL

    3. Hey that commercial wasn’t that bad. At least you could sit through it and laugh and not have a seizure during it.

    4. Here you go here’s the real Zelda comparison.

      Enjoy your mind f*** :)


  14. I am not entirely sure what just happened. And normally, I understand everything.

  15. i only could resist 10 seconds

  16. This video gave me epilepsy

  17. That’s crazy. It’s like someone in the marketing department was high or something

    1. Mushrooms/acid are not a good idea for anyone in advertising to take while thinking of marketing campaigns. It lead to this and HTC’s ad campaigns.

  18. WTF was this I just watched?!

  19. I’m not sure if the video or the song is worse..

  20. It could be a attempt to make a add so strange it goes viral.

    1. You lost me at “a add.”

      1. And of course “a attempt”.

        1. … English was never my strong area.

        2. “a attempt.”*

        3. C’mon people, not everyone is as edumacated… For many English is a second language here. Do you really pay a attention fo an freaking articles?

  21. Maybe the ad is targeted at hipsters to convert them.

  22. that’s horrible. I regret wasting a minute of my life watching that.

  23. Pretty bad but I’ve seen worse lol


  24. Tight!!!!

  25. Repeatedly taking the thing on and off and on and off the charger like that can’t be good for the battery.

  26. I’m just glad that Gwen Stefani told Samsung no.

  27. Yes! Finally found my ring tone!

    1. You hate everyone around you, don’t you?

  28. is this real life?

  29. that is really bad!

  30. It’s perfect, for Japan and South Korea now make a real commercial for USA.

  31. Im KOREANN

  32. It’s not too bad, at least people are talking about the ad. :p

  33. Worst advert ever definitely a wtf moment

  34. Thought it was Microsoft

  35. this has to be the worst commercial I’ve ever seen from Samsung.

  36. It just means you’re getting old this is probably meant for younger people.. I sure as hell dont get it. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s some kids on my lawn I need to go yell at

    On a side note I’ve watched a lot of Japanese commercials and this seems to out crazy some of them.

  37. wtf

  38. I’m kind of pissed that we breathe the same air.

  39. It’s bad…too frantic

  40. What is a Samsung phone doing in a creepy Microsoft commercial?

    Did Microsoft somehow contractually compel Samsung to have to produce a commercial like this?

  41. I liked it lol. Especially the lead girl.

  42. I like it.

  43. Looks like an S6 wandered into a Target commercial that was having a bad acid trip.


  45. Anyone else getting a masturbation vibe from this?

    “…rub it rip it try it til I tell you to stop.” Then there’s the constant repeated motions and the champagne bottle going off.

  46. That physically hurt me to watch. Samsung, just no.

  47. Ad Company that pitched this add to the suits should be flogged. That commercial almost made me go into a full body dry heave.

  48. Wow!

  49. this is a great ad – i’m an old man and i get it. Probably cos i am an old man. Chris Chavez obviously doesn’t. He seems too young to get it like me, and too old to get to like his young daughters would (if he has any).

    She’s not mindlessly snapping photos at all, i would have thought the title of the vid made that obvious? This ad has to be targeting pre-teens through mid to late teens? Especially girls. And i’m guessing they’re going love it. And i’m also going to guess that not only do they not give a fat rat’s that you don’t like it, they’re mostly going to be glad you don’t. Were any of you any different as teens?

  50. Phandroid is getting as Appleholic as iCnet is with this just one of 1000’s of videos Samsung put out every year. Nevermind the fact that Samsung can at least hire their own in house Global Marketing Giant Cheil Worldwide to do the job too. Who pumps out Award Winning Ads in mass quantities every single year. That Apple and the all of their Android competitors combined can’t touch! :DDD ……just too cheap or don’t have as deep of pockets has to put out a not so good video every once in awhile for shizzz and giggles! haha…

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