Video calling with Facebook Messenger now works (almost) everywhere in the world


facebook messenger video calling

When Facebook introduced cross-platform video calling via Messenger late last month, it was only available in a handful of countries. But they promised more were on the way and keeping up with that promise, Facebook is finally updating us on the status of that global rollout.

According to their update post, video calls inside of Messenger should now be available just about everywhere, with the exception of a few countries which, unfortunately, weren’t named. They also said that if you’re experiencing poor video quality to sit tight, they’re working on improving that too.

It was only a few days ago rumors that Facebook was considering adding games into Messenger began floating around the internet. With Messenger recently becoming a full fledged platform for developers to build apps on, it only makes sense — even if we’re not too keen on the idea.

As it stands, Messenger is a solid messaging app, one we find ourselves using more and more. With video calling now available globally, Facebook could be poised to finally take on Skype.


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  1. So, they’re basically catching up to Hangouts?

  2. Skype qik must be shaking in their boot?NOT! everybody want to be Skype lol

  3. So many solutions that offer messaging right now. Means I have to have 6 different apps installed just because different people use different things. Given that most of them just compete to replicate features other ones have, I’m not sure this is a good thing….

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