Verizon gives Lyft drivers discounts in wireless service, app to come pre-loaded on select Android devices


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It’s not easy being a Lyft driver. Aside from dealing with questionable law enforcement and the occasional spurt of throw up in their back seats, having access to a fast and reliable network is an absolute must when navigating around town.

Well, Verizon is about to make it a little easier on drivers, announcing today a new partnership with Lyft to give some of their drivers a discount in monthly service. While that’s great for drivers, the deal also means the Lyft app has been added to the usual assortment of bloatware that comes pre-loaded on Verizon’s Android devices. Yay.

The discount in monthly service charges doesn’t go into effect until May 11th and only includes frequent Lyft drivers who are apart of the ride-sharing company’s “Accelerate Premier Driver Rewards” program. Whether you’re a current driver, or thinking about signing up, you can register for the discount through Verizon’s secure web portal.

[Verizon | Lyft]

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  1. The f…? I’m pretty sure the last thing needed is more bloatware. Seriously of all thing, a driver app for Lyft? Let me count the # of Lyft drivers that don’t have the app. Ok done. 0. Ok, let me count the # of people that think any rideshare drivers that don’t know how to use their phones should be driving for a rideshare company. Also, 0. And then as someone that is a driver as a side gig, I’d like to further point out that in my area, there’s a really good community of drivers that are business and community savvy. The last thing I’d want is an over saturation of crappy drivers that would jump on board and not approach it professionally and cause even more legal messes to crop up. The best thing to do right now is have exceptional drivers that make the govt types sound like idiots when they question safety and try to bring out the red tape. Lyft is effectively going to run themselves out of business doing this and they just pulled out of Albuquerque. I guess they’ve learned nothing from that.

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