Moto 360 on sale for $180 (that’s $70 off), limited time only


Motorola Moto 360 womens

In a sort of early Mother’s Day promotion, Motorola is taking a cool $70 off the Moto 360, bringing the price down to a very reasonable $180. If you were waiting for the Android Wear powered smartwatch to hit that sub $200 price point, now’s your chance to pick one up. You can design your own on Moto Maker, customizing the watch with various watch strap sizes, materials, and designs.

Aside from still being one of the better, minimal looking Android Wear devices on the market, the watch has also been confirmed to receive WiFi functionality once that new 5.1 software update gets to rolling out. We have a feeling the recently released — and circular — LG Watch Urbane may have motivated the price cut, but don’t forget that watch will run you a cool $350. If you’re still on the fence, check out our in depth Moto 360 review right here.

[Moto 360 on Moto Maker]

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  1. Funny enough, I just got my 360 today…been shopping a while and this deal was live on the moto site a few days ago, but their banner images showed a full circle display on the gold model with the blossoms watch face, I almost took a screen cap to share the fun of moto forgetting the screen isnt actually round, and then they fixed it. Proof reading – it’s never too late!

  2. The watch has been at $170 for almost like 3 weeks now. I doubt with the Apple watch out that it goes back up. Especially with Google IO coming up… I wouldnt be surprised that we see the next iteration. It was right before IO last year that we saw the teaser for the 360 so its about time. It only sucks for the people like me who got the moto 360 shortly after it came out. Meh, I really dont see the need to update so soon anyways but I only would if it had a high res screen, gps, and a bigger battery to work all of that. I honestly think that the battery that they put in the first one was fine as it was. My battery easily lasts me about two days with the tilt to wake feature activated. For those on the fence, buy it! It really is a great device and for someone like me who has the nexus 6 it keeps me from having to pull out my whale (ha get it?..) every time a notification comes in, which is often with all of the emails that I get.

  3. That black bar…

    1. its even bigger in person to me. But you get used to it….for the price and how awesome it is, I think its worth a purchase! I like my Zenwatch but not better than the 360. =)

    2. I honestly barely even notice it anymore. I’ve been using mine since January.

    3. You don’t even notice it after wearing it for a few days.

  4. I just sold mine on EBay. What a piece of junk Android Wear is and Moto 360. Clunky, slow, and terrible battery life.

    1. all true….but but
      doesn’t it impress the girls?

  5. Waiting for the G watch R to drop in price.

  6. Tag huer smart watch please.. Have a hard time wearing anything other than true horilogical time pieces.. Been waiting for a real watch company to step up.. Breitling, you listening??

    1. real watch company?
      you mean like timex, citizen and seiko?
      tag heuer and breitling are jewelry companies. They sell you the same watches for 10 times the price tag….well because we like the little tramp stamp on the watch:)

      1. Haha now that’s funny.. Timex over breitling.. U serious? Seiko and citizen have some good pieces in the upper range but the lower end stuff does not compare to tag or breitling.. I own pieces from all these brands.. The case finishing on breitling is miles ahead.. Not to mention the re finished and modified in house movements the big dogs are doing… Plenty of heritage there.. Hardly just jewelry and tramp stamps as u say.. Lol

        1. no one in their right mind is going to pick timex over breitling for the same price. The fact that you seem to think a timepiece would be high end just because breitling slapped its logo on it is quite amusing if anything. Heritage for a android wrist watch? Seriously, listen to yourself. Don’t be that guy….the designated brand ho:)

  7. Prices will continue to go down. I predict smart watches will go for $50 eventually.

  8. Just sayong, original LG G Watch is $99 (no catch even) at any Verizon store as of 03MAY15.

    I just went and bought one as a beater watch so I don’t have to keep dinging up my G Watch R onboard my ship.

    1. A lot of people prefer the round watches.

      1. Alright, just saying that after the first day running test, without setting the screen to turn off (ambient with this LCD panel), it actually survived the whole day to about 9:00pm with ~18% left.

        Tomorrow I’ll be at the gun range all day, I’ll leave the ambient mode shut off. Honestly, seems like it’s going to last as long as my G Watch R, just sans the ambient screen mode.

  9. even though this is a great price tag, I’m still waiting for that one killer feature.

  10. Still waiting for Huatch.

  11. I got mine on Saturday. Really liking it so far, with the exception of the battery life. Today is my first day at work with it and so far so good. It’s just about 1 pm and I took it off the charger about 6:45 and still at 75%. Yesterday died rather quickly, but, I was using it for navigation on two occasions and also recorded over an hour of audio through it.

  12. Just bought one off Craigs for $120… Why people paid full price I’ll never know…

  13. $169.98 at Costco. Got mine today.

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