The HTC One M9+ is official, has a bigger display and new processor



After countless leaks and rumors the HTC One M9 Plus is finally official. We expected to see this device alongside the announcement of the HTC One M9 (our review), but instead HTC saved it for an event in China. The M9+ takes most of what HTC did with the M9 and improves it very subtly.

The display has been increased from 5-inches to 5.2-inches, and resolutions has been improved from 1080p to 2K. This will make people wonder even more why HTC stuck with 1080p on the M9. The other big change is the processor. There was a lot of controversy around overheating issues with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, but the M9+ switches that out for an octa-core processor from MediaTek.


The M9+ gets the DuoCamera back, but it’s still 20MP, and the 4 UltraPixel front camera is the same. You’ll also notice HTC has also thrown in a fingerprint scanner on the front to round out the new features. Other specs include 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and 2840 mAh battery. We really like the subtle improvements HTC has made, but we can’t help but wish this was the real One M9. The M9+ will likely never be sold here in the U.S.

[via HTC]

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  1. Where exactly is the fingerprint sensor?

    1. In the Galaxy-like button on the front

      1. thus in the home button like iPhone lol, just curious, thanks!

  2. “Will likely never be sold in the US”

    HTC… What. Are. You. Doing? All I know is that they need to bring the “Max” variant back… But seeing their track record they’ll probably stick with that corny ass M9 as the flagship.

    1. Agreed, I liked the big one they put on Verizon I think it was, but it didn’t have an SD slot. Now that they do that I want a big one!

      1. Actually, the MAX has an SD Card slot.
        I’m w/ya,I’d like to see this option available to all.

        Thoroughly enjoying the M9 though,lots to like,a much better phone than what most of the blogoshpere would lead one to believe.

        1. Oh snap! I’ll have to do some research on it then. If it’s 32GB then I might look into snagging one for wifi use. It was exclusive to Verizon wasn’t it?

          1. Both VZW & SPRINT.The international version is GSM.
            If you’re on a GSM carrier, check out for compatibility.

          2. Thanks for your help dude!

          3. No problem, just passing along what others have shared w/me,that’s why we’re all here.

          4. Good attitude to have!

  3. While its is step in the right direction, they really slacked on the M9 this year. Some of these specs should have been on the regular sized M9 and maybe it would of turned a few more heads. Hopefully we’ll get a change in the design next year as well. 3 years of similar hardware design is enough (even though the M8 is fantastic looking).

    1. I would have been more… inclined to get the M9 had this been the M9. It’s really the duo camera that I want.

  4. This makes me appreciate that Samsung didn’t do this with the Edge this year. The only real difference in the Edge and S6 is the screen, otherwise they’re (for all intents and purposes) the same phone, giving the user a choice without sacrificing power.

    That said, I’m sure in a few weeks we’ll hear about the S6 Super Edge Max available only in Korea… :P

  5. Oh my god why…

  6. That home button is an eye sore

  7. I feel like HTC isn’t even trying anymore.

  8. Totally disappointed with HTC on this.

  9. “improves it very subtly” or “changes it very subtly”?

  10. Yeah this upsets me with not being able to get the one m9+ in the US however apple has gotten away with refurbishing design and barely adding anything new for years and Samsung and Sony as well HTC went above and beyond to make the m8 and its design I can see why not changing it completely makes since however they should of given us a few more upgraded and options in the US and who knows maybe the will eventually

  11. 2K screen with a 2840mAH battery isn’t going to work. Battery won’t last long at all. The M9 battery doesn’t last longer than last years M8 at it has a bigger battery. Go Figure…

  12. lol @ HTC. It’s like they had a good year last year and are doing everything they can to torpedo everything they accomplished. I don’t think there is one choice they’ve made this year that was a good one.

  13. Two things….
    Way to go HTC, just begging for a comparison to apple using that “+” designation. At least a good processor in it. That brings me to my next point…


    1. Mediatek isn’t as bad as YOU make it out to be, don’t be a brand whore.

      1. Please continue because all I’ve seen from owners of hardware with MT is bad things ranging from compatibility to slow speed.

        1. I have a out dated m7 and a galaxy nexus, these phones are still speedy. So you telling me that a octo core MT chip is inferior to an old dual core processor?! Face it, your shifty prejudice eyes didn’t see snapdragon or exynos and you went it to a damn dismissive nerd rage

          1. What in the hell are you talking about?

            Instead of talking out of your ass I asked you to provide some actual evidence that MT is an actual alternative to Snapdragon. Instead you’re bringing your aging devices to the table? Apples and Oranges man. If MT is so great why are you yourself comparing it to years old hardware? Get real.

            I honestly want to know if MT is worth throwing money at because I like supporting underdogs, but NO ONE has made a case for it.

            /There’s the nerd rant you wanted

          2. Looser! You didn’t ask to provide nothing. Clearly you fail at reading, writing and reading comprehension. Where’s the question at?

          3. So glad you learned how to screenshot a post that I haven’t even edited to begin with. Last post I waste my time on with you….

            “Please continue”

            Continue-carry on with (something that one has begun).

          4. No it was just to show that you didn’t even ask for proof. By the way did you read the link that I sent? I’m not on here to piss anyone off, but a lot of lesser known companies such as mediatek are getting a lot of unfounded hate. Once upon a time lg, Samsung, Sony were all knock offs to some other larger more successful company.

            Using a chip like mediatek which is almost as good as a snapdragon could save us maybe a hundred or so bucks on our next purchase. Give the little guys a chance.

      2. This mediatek chip is inferior to the standard m9’s 810

        1. The speed differences that you’ll notice is small. Its like spending 200k to buy a Ferrari that does 0-60 in 3.7 sec and 70k to buy a Chevy that can do it in 4 sec, you won’t notice the difference.

  14. Ah HTC, the Launch Pad McQuack of android.

  15. completely done with HTC … dumped samsung for htc…now dumping htc for LG … what is wrong with these tech companies!!

  16. You almost had me HTC, ALMOST! But you blew it, I would’ve even imported this device from overseas. Oh well, LG it seems will get my dollars.

    1. That mediatek chip kills it.

      1. I would have actually still given it a shot if it would’ve had 5.5″+ screen with the MT. I just really wanted Boomsound speakers, and that duo camera with the high megapixels. But I can’t sacrifice both processor and screen size on a phablet.

        1. My thoughts exactly. 5.5 inches is honestly the bare minimum for a phone for me now. Plus to be fair mediatek can be decent for the price, but it has no place in a flagship especially since this one is just low power cortex a53’s.

          1. Gee willikers benchmarks! That’s exactly the daily use data I wanted… Nope, still doesn’t comfort me with people experiencing slow downs in performance as time goes on.

            Nice try tho, maybe next year we’ll get user data that actually matters. In case you didn’t know we can’t trust benchmarks thanks to the big OEMs fudging numbers.

            May you enjoy your soon to be yours MT device.

          2. Every device will slow down! Apple, Samsung, etc. You can’t avoid simple physics.

    2. Is it because of MTK SoC?
      I hate that too… Only downside of this one..

  17. That mediatek chip is garbage.

    1. All of them are…

  18. Toshiba image sensor sucks.

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