AT&T finally approves Android 5.0 Lollipop for the HTC One M8, rollout expected shortly


HTC One M8 Google Now Launcher DSC08168

It’s been a long wait, but we promise you — it’s worth it. HTC One M8 owners on AT&T had to sit back and watch as the other “Big 4” carriers in the US pushed out Android Lollipop to the device.

But all that’s over. HTC Product Manger Mo Versi revealed on Twitter today that AT&T has finally green lit Lollipop for the HTC One M8. We’re not sure what the hold up was, but we’re glad it’s finally here.

Now about 5.1…

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  1. Just completely embarrassing for an AT&T M8 owner… my girls TMO M8 had Lollipop since I cant even remember. Right when I decide to get an N6 and sell off my AT&T M8 they decide to release lollipop. Just sickening.

    1. You should have flashed it to a GPE a long time ago…

      1. Was never interested in a GPe version

        1. Interesting tidbit. HTC offers all there apps on the play store. You can flash gpe or even cyan etc. And still download the HTC stuff you want. Camera, launcher, etc. You can even put the Harmon kardon software in it. (which I highly recommend.)

  2. still no lollipop for at&t LG G2………..

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand that at all! My G2 is waitinggggggg

  3. It’s all a big ploy to get you to upgrade. I’ll be buying direct from now on lol

  4. Att is really getting bad about updates. My sprint m8 has had it for what seems like a year now lol while my att m8 was left to die. Thankfully I got the m9 early and it’s lollipopped from the factory. Att can’t screw that up.

    1. Hey is the M9 as bad as them tech sites try to make it seem

      1. I actually love it. I’ve said this before but HTC spent their time under the hood not on the design. It runs smooth fast and never lags. The themer is amazing the camera is great the front camera is stupid powerful (ultrapixel off the m8) selfies are sick. Blah blah blah. It is a refined m8 for sure but the m8 was perfect. So I don’t understand all the hate.

        1. How’s the battery life?

          1. It’s actually great. (full disclosure, I am heavy advocate for HTC)
            but it’s outlasting me on a single days use and that’s saying something. Especially since I leave It in full throttle mode all day. (the m8 and m9 have an overclock option built in.) So with an overclocked CPU and no low power mode used and the fact that I am constantly using my phone…. It’s a beast

          2. Also even overclocked it never gets warm. I watch YouTube while charging and that’s about the worst thing you can do temp wise.so all those rumors are sketchy. And then there is this little nugget

          3. Thanks for the info, kind sir.

        2. yea was up with that batt life

  5. Galaxy S5 here…still no Lollipop on ATT. Other carriers approved it months ago. This has me seriously considering switching carriers.

    1. It sounds like ATT fighting hard to take the crown for slowest updates from Verizon.

  6. I bet the hold up was VoLTE. Flashing the international or Dev edition ROM on to an ATT M8 broke VoLTE and caused the phone to stop receiving calls.

    1. Yup, same hold up that made the 4.4.4 update take so long…

  7. Does anybody know where I can go to check for the update or to force the phone to check for it, I checked last night and now it says I need to wait 24 hours, if anyone knows how to bypass this let me know I used to know how to do it lol

    1. Go to your “all applications” area and I believe you clear data and cache for “HtcDm”… it resets the timer so you can check again. I spammed the hell out of this back in January to get the 4.4.4 update.

      1. Lmao nice did you get Lollipop yet?

        1. I haven’t checked for it… I literally just switcher to a Nexus 6 about 2 days ago. So I’ll probably update to it, wipe it and sell it lol

          1. Well I got and I gotta tell it’s pretty nice on the m8, of course not nexus nice lol

    2. Set ur clock forward 1 day.

  8. hey setting the time forward really does work lol, mine is downloading now

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