Pick up a discounted Moto X (2nd Gen) for only $360 plus 30% off accessories for a limited time [DEALS]


Moto X 2014 DSC06844

If you were waiting to pull the trigger on the still very capable Motorola Moto X 2014, the phone is seeing a discount — yes, on April Fool’s Day — to $360 for a limited time.

Motorola has these deals from time to time, which is likely an effort by them to help clear out some stock and increase some demand for a phone going head-to-head with this year’s rival flagships. At $360 for the base-model, that’s a $140 off which isn’t a bad deal by any stretch. When customized on Motorola’s site, the Moto X offers quite a few upgrades, things like 64GB internal storage boost, or leather and wood backed trims. These are all offered at a premium, so if nothing else, you can get use that discount to get a fully decked out Moto X (2nd Gen).

They’ve also got their accessories marked down by 30% when purchased at the same time as the phone, but only if you buy everything before April 2nd 10:59AM CT. Oh, and for everything you buy, shipping is free.

You’ll need to request a promo code from Motorola if you’d like to get the discount on the phone and it won’t expire until April 15th. If nothing else, grab the discount code and mull things over until then. You can sign up for discount here.


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  1. That $360 is TEMPTING. I guess I have 2 weeks to pull the trigger.

    Seems to be the lowest thus far, previously it was $140 off too.

    1. I bought my wife one last time they ran this deal. It is sweet. Got the turbo charger too.

      1. Nice. My Google Play Services has been draining the heck out of my Oneplus One’s battery recently, so turbo charging would come in handy with the X.

        1. If you’re looking for speed, the Moto X 2nd Gen is probably the fastest Android device I’ve come across. Runs Lollipop beautifully.

          1. Ditto it runs smoother than the nexus 6 and the leather back gets better looking with age plus moto let’s you get it on credit with no interest for a year so really worth it my only complaint is chrome doesn’t always play the audio on embedded and YouTube videos when using on Verizon but works great on WiFi….I use it pretty often and easily get 12 hrs out of a full charge

  2. Worth selling the Note 4 and buying the Moto X?

    1. Wouldn’t say so. The Note 4 has a lot going for it, especially when you already have one.

      1. I am just looking to leave because of the lack of support and the constant battery life issues steming from weak signal. I feel like Moto or another oem could compensate better for signal quality.

        1. Lack of support? So you have battery issues being caused by weak signal? Those are some unusual issues.

          1. Lack of support meaning that the S5, Note 3, and other older smartphones are seeing Lollipop on T-Mobile before the N4. Weak signal and the inability for the Note 4 to try and gain signal on airplane mode mixed with wifi calling kills my battery. For once, I am actually considering the iPhone 6+ because I don’t like the Nexus 6 so much since it’s a blown up phone with little advantages to it. Whereas the iPhone has newer features like Touch ID and Apple Pay. I was thinking about the S6, but it could be the same thing as the Note 4.

          2. You’re kidding, right? Airplane mode isn’t meant to allow you to get any signal. Weak signal could be due to any number of issues, including a defective radio in the unit you got.

          3. Well, airplane mode shouldn’t be searching for a signal, but apparently it does through my usage meter. My new iPhone doesn’t have that issue.

  3. Anyone happen to have a code that they’re not going to use? I would really appreciate it.

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