The HTC One (M7) is receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop tomorrow on AT&T


HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079

Heads up HTC One (M7) owners on AT&T. HTC Product Manager Mo Versi revealed today on Twitter that Android 5.0 Lollipop has officially been green lit by AT&T and that One owners can expect a rollout starting tomorrow, March 31st.

We don’t pretend to know how the update process works (each device has its own unique hardware and presents its own set of challenges), but this is sure to piss off HTC One M8 owners who are still waiting for the update on their device. Of course, we see things in a different light. With the M7 receiving Lollipop tomorrow, that has to mean that the M8 isn’t too far behind.

In any case, it’s nice to see HTC making a continued effort at transparency and keeping their customers in the loop.

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  1. Wow.
    -M8 owners on AT&T

  2. It would be nice if they release lollipop to the Galaxy S5


  4. Wow.
    -Z3 owners on T-Mobile.

    1. My m7 still hasn’t gotten the update despite AT&T’s website saying its available.

  5. WTF!!!!!! Really…. What’s wrong with the M8. We can’t get no love , I hope ATT waiting for lollipop with sense 7, because yes, I’m pissed

    1. We won’t see sense 7 UI till summer at the earliest!

      1. And I believe that, att tripping man

      2. No Sense 7 until Summer solely because they only just released the M9. The Sense 7 will probably be with the 5.1 or 5.2 update next fall/winter in all reality.

  6. One E9, when?

  7. Any word on when Verizon HTC one m7 will receive 5.0 Lollipop?

    1. probably about 20 minutes after I replace mine with a Galaxy 6….

  8. Pissed ain’t the word! AT&T Android updates are the worst! I’m going to iPhone as soon as the 6s is released and possibly going to T-Mobile due to AT&T ‘s lack of caring about their customers $800 android phone updates, not only are they the last carrier to perform the update the real kick in the ass is rolling out the later flagship devices update first! What a blamming joke! AT&T YOU SUCK!!!

  9. Where the hell is my update for my m8,HTC needs to do something,been with att,since 04,3 contracts. Due to re up,hhmmm????

  10. Like really?? This is going to get Lollipop before my M8??…. this is just ridiculous

  11. Switched back to iOS, and to Tmobile, because I don’t like the way carriers get to put their hands in the software updates the way they do. At least with iOS, it’s independant of any carriers. ATT is dreadful.

    1. I don’t use ios but that is one reason i have no issues with people going with ios. Iv’e been happy with tmobile so enjoy it.

    2. After owning unlocked devices, I agree completely.

  12. 5.0, not 5.1?

    1. Yea, 5.0 isn’t really much of an update with all the issues it has and knowing that 5.1 fixed all that is a slap in the face.

      1. Except HTC already discussed that they jissued most of the 5.1 patches in 5.0.2.

        1. I wish LG had done the same thing

          1. And I wish nVidia had as well. T_T My Shield Tab’s got loads of those fun 5.0 bugs.

  13. Att, you suck

  14. m7 was the best …i hate my note 4

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