Something to consider before buying the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact for $400 on eBay [DEALS]


Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Without question the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is one of the best smartphones on the market. Fantastic battery life, great camera, all in a bite-sized package that’s perfect for 1-handed use. Today, the Z3c — in black, white, red, and green — was thrown up on eBay where it’s been marked down to a very reasonable $400. It’s a great deal to be sure, one that’s about $70 cheaper than you’ll find on Sony’s website. But before you grab your credit card, keep in mind this is not the US model (D5803) sold direct from Sony’s US store.

This particular model is the D5833. That means if you’re looking to buy for use here in the states, you should be okay if you’re on AT&T (it seems to supports all of AT&T’s frequency bands), but even then we’ve seen reports of weird IMEI editing tricks that needed to be done in order to fully unlock dormant LTE bands. So, proceed with caution.

If you’re looking to purchase for use on T-Mobile, you’ll want to stick with the D5803 model on Sony’s site. For everyone else in other parts of the world, you’ll want to make sure this specific model plays nice with your carrier’s frequency bands before picking it up. In either case, it is a great deal and probably the best small smartphone you an buy right now.


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  1. The Sony Z3 Compact D5803 is Sold on B&H’s website for $419…This is refurbished.. In 9/10 condition.. I once considered it…but went for the 1080p Z3….just in case y’all want the T-Mobile Radios

    Edit: Make that $400!!!! $460 New

    1. Ah, good looking out. Nice option for those that don’t mind used.

  2. You can buy the D5803 from Best Buy for $430, so Ebay’s deal isn’t that great. I got a great deal two days ago: Ebay had a 15% discount on $100 staples gift cards (not uncommon). Staples Price matches Best Buy, ergo Z3 compact for $370+tax.

    1. And reason number 59632 for different wireless communication protocols in the North America vs Europe being moronic isss…

    2. Nice!

  3. I’d prob hold off as hopefully it shouldn’t be long till they show us the Z4 / Z4 Compact

    1. Of course, the price will be much higher than this.

    2. We may not see a Z4 Compact, Sony skipped the Z2C and went straight from the Z1C to the Z3C.

  4. If you’re enrolled in the eBay bucks program AND you are registered to allow eBay to spam your email, you may can get $40 back with the current eBay bucks promotion. Pays out early next month.

    1. When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises.

  5. Re: “it seems to supports all of AT&T’s frequency bands”

    Nope the 700 MHz this device supports is Band 28 also known as the “Digital Dividend” in Europe, not the same as North American band 13 or 17. Also missing LTE Band 4 which is Canada’s primary LTE band and provides coverage in a small number of AT&T areas and a lot of T-Mobile areas. Does support 850 & 1900 LTE though. AT&T experience would probably be at least 75% HSPA-only with blips of LTE wherever they’ve deployed it on 850 or 1900.

  6. Will it work on Verizon?

  7. FYI you can make a free student account on Sony’s store site and that gives you an additional 10% off. Further, it’s worth buying from Sony store because you can be sure you are getting the US region phone and not the international version many on Amazon sell. This means youll be sure to get a 1 year warranty. While both versions are D5803 if you don’t get the US one you won’t have a warranty. The US one comes with screen protectors as well.

  8. Great to see Sony getting some coverage at Phandroid.

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