The Verizon logo comes off the Nexus 6 so easily, there’s no reason to b*tch about it


Verizon Nexus 6 logo before

Before: you can see the Verizon logo already wearing away

For all the fuss people make around Verizon branding their beloved Android devices, they’re not all that hard to remove. Well, when it comes to the Verizon Nexus 6 anyway.

We’ve heard reports about the Verizon logo coming off with a a little elbow grease and nail polish remover on other devices, but would you believe you only need a fingernail to get that nasty branding off your Nexus 6?

That’s what one Nexus 6 owner is reporting on Reddit, using only his fingernail (as well as a paperclip to speed things along, and alcohol for clean up) to completely remove the Verizon logo from his Nexus 6.

Verizon Nexus 6 after

After: clean with no visible markings or leftovers

The end result? A beautifully unbranded Sexus Nexus. Just like the real thing. Anyone with a Verizon Nexus 6 willing to give this a shot?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Carrier branding was never a big deal to me unless where they put the branding took away from an area where there could have been screen real estate or better speaker placement. Both problems I haven’t really seen in quit a few years.

    1. my feelings exactly. “first world problems”. I thought it was hilarious when the Verzion Note 2 released with a logo on the back and on the front button. People were SO upset. There some buying unmarked buttons and swapping them out while others used a vinyl sticker to hide it. Quite sad imo what people make a fuss over.

      1. Yes the same people who complain about the logo are the same people that complain about the color options then put a full case on anyway.

        1. its group hysteria. The author writes that he dislikes carrier branding and his minions follow along

      2. For some people, it’s about a lot more than just being a visual ugly logo. There’s nothing sad about it. Some things just sit well with what might be fine for others.

        1. No, it really is quite sad to make such a fuss about a logo placement. The world has more serious problems that people should be spending their energy on rather than some insignificant aesthetic.

          1. What do you consider making such a fuss? Having a complaint about it? Because that’s no energy spent. And it’s entirely possible to concern yourself about real world problems while still catering to your own nitpicks at the same time.

          2. A good example was my mention of the Note 2 Verizon put out a little over 2 years ago. I remember quite well, because I got one. There was so much hate and fuming going on in the comment section here, as well as forums like xda. People were racking their brains to figure out how to get rid of the logo, on the button most of all. While I am on board with not wanting any brand labels on my device, it’s there and not going away. So no need to spend too much time trying to figure out how to get rid of something that doesn’t effect anything in the end.

      3. The branding is sort of like putting a tattoo on your face. There’s absolutely no need for it to be there and it looks tacky.

        1. is it really that big a deal?? are you saying Mike Tyson is tacky??

        2. This example seems a little extreme. If the logo was smack in the middle of the display, then the reference would make sense; at least imo

      4. If VZW is not paying me, why should I advertise for them?

        1. so you agree??? disagree????

        2. Brands and logos are on everything. Why so much fuss over one on cell phone? You pissed Honda slaps their logo and model name on their cars? Upset that Ralph Lauren shirts have a little polo player on a horse on your chest? Let get real people; companies will always have their logo’s on their products. Yes, Verizon didn’t manufacture the phone, but if they didn’t provide the phone for their network then there would be no phone for Verizon customers, so…….

          1. Your analogy is flawed. It’s like the Honda dealership putting their sticker on the back of the trunk, and yes I hate that. It would be like Macy’s putting their logo on all of their clothes. THEY didn’t make them, they are selling them. I expect my phone manufacturer to put their logo on THEIR device. I do NOT expect the retailer to add their logo on it.

          2. exactly. i’m not taking any of his responses seriously at all because this is how i’m reading everything he is aiming for.

          3. I take it you stopped reading half way through. I already acknowledged Verizon doesn’t manufacture the phone. We covered that. You do have a kind of a point though; I could have used a better vehicle example. Ok, lets talk Dodge pickups with Cumming engines. Vehicle parts are largely manufactured by a long list of other companies. However, Cummings wants everyone to know their engine is in a vehicle, so they slap a Cumming logo on the trucks. Much like those Dodge pickups wouldn’t go anywhere without that Cummings engine, phones won’t operate on a cellular network without the radios in those phones and the towers they connect to.

            Now if Best Buy, Target, or Walmart feel the need to slap their logo on a phone just because they are the retailer, then we have problems.

            Hope that sheds some light for you.

          4. I still don’t like your analogy – Cummings isn’t the retailer (at least they don’t sell the vehicle), the dodge dealership is – not to mention that people are proud to have a Cummings engine. Now, you will probably argue that people might be proud of having their phone on Verizon – which is silly.

            Then, you move on to saying it’s okay for one retailer (verizon) to put their logo on their devices but not others. You’re being inconsistent. It’s okay for Verizon to do it, but is it okay for a Dodge dealership to put their decal on your vehicle because they provided it to you (and they’re looking for free advertising). Is it okay for Macy’s to put their logo on your Ralph Lauren shirt?

            Also, Verizon is not the only retailer that offers the phone for its network, so in this case they ARE just another retailer… just like Walmart.

          5. Never mind. Either you’re slow or screwing with me.

          6. I agree – what’s next? phone covered in logos from Samsung/Qualcomm/Hynix/TSMG/etc – Dodge truck covered in logos from Michelin/Cummings/Bosch/3M/etc

            (Laptops used to go that way – palmrest covered in stickers from software/hardware companies. Thankfully, that trend is going away with newer notebooks)

          7. My care is debaged. I do not buy shirts with logos.
            They do not need to provide the phone. Any N6 will work fine on VZW.

          8. Hmm – for some reason, I’m ok with the brand name (Ford/Honda/Toyota etc) that is slapped on the back of the car. But I have never let the dealership put their license plate holders (with their dealership name/logo) or their name/log on the back of the car next to brand name.

            Many people looking at the car will know what brand it is anyway. So, driving the car is, in a way, advertising for the brand. Unavoidable.
            Also, the brand name log is added on at factory – and usually fits well, no alignment issues etc. The one added by dealership is eye-balled in, and may have rattles etc.

            With the Verizon logo, if half of it fades away (and it is easy to do that), it is going to look crappy unless the rest of it is removed. So, I can see why folks don’t more logos on their devices.

    2. I wonder why Verizon feels the need to deface flasgship devices and folks like Tmo and Sprint don’t. Sprint Note 4? No branding. Why can’t Verizon do that?

      1. It’s addition advertising I suppose.

  2. Even if you’re on another carrier, it’s almost enough to make ya wanna buy one from VZW just to have the satisfaction……..

    1. Right? Maybe also do it in front of a Verizon retail manager?

  3. Now I want to buy one now knowing this. I hate that only Verizon gets a black version. They should sell this straight from Google in this color.

    1. The Midnight Blue model is pretty dark. It’s not that far from this.

    2. Are you sure it’s actually black? The metal edges still look like they have the blue tint just like my blue Nexus 6.

    3. They do sell this color straight from Google. That’s Midnight Blue, not black.

    4. I have it from Verizon, it’s the same blue as all the others.

  4. My M8’s verizon logo came off with an eraser.

    1. That’s it? Just tried taking an eraser to my Verizon M8 and it’s not coming off at all. =(

  5. Wait a second, is it actually black?!

    1. looks it, right?? I thought the same but it was actually verified to be the same midnight blue

    2. Doesn’t look black to me. Looks just like my Midnight Blue Nexus 6.

  6. It’s nice that the tramp stamp logos are easily-removable (even if unintentional), but it doesn’t matter much to the majority who put their devices inside a case anyway.

    1. have my N6 on AT&T….but i never found the need to remove the logo…it is just there, but under a case. why do people complain so much? are there seriously people who dont case their devices anymore??

      1. There’ve been a few polls. IIRC something like 10% of people don’t use cases, because they haven’t dropped their phones YET (and have no intention of selling their phone later in mint condition).

        1. that is crazy….i’ve never dropped a phone, i’m very careful but i’ve always kept a case on it JUST IN CASE

          1. In *A case…

        2. I don’t like or use cases. I love having a big screen, but don’t want any extra heft in my pocket if I’m not gaining any functionality from it. I wouldn’t say I’m hard on my phones, but being a mechanic sometimes they get used in less than ideal conditions. I can’t say that I have never dropped my phone, but I have only ever killed one Android phone. A case wouldn’t have saved it though, I left it on top of the tire of a car I was working on and it got ran over. I will admit that I would probably get a few extra bucks on resale if I used a good case, but the difference is probably close to what a good case costs (don’t beat me up about what case is good and only costs X amount, the only phone case I’ve bought in recent years was an Otter Box for my wife’s Iphone for $50)

        3. I don’t use a case and have dropped many phones. No phone is in mint condition once it is used. That is not what mint means.
          It is not like we are talking about something that costs an unimaginable amount or is not going to be replaced in two years anyway.

          1. you’re right, Mint:
            1. an aromatic plant native to temperate regions of the Old World, several kinds of which are used as culinary herbs.

          2. Mint condition, comes from terminology used for coins. It means uncirculated, which indicates not used.

          3. furthering my point, what does coins have to do with a phone?

          4. That is where the phrase comes from. This does not help your argument.

          5. its beyond your understanding obviously, so is my sarcasm and your lack of humor. but not seriousness.

          6. Ah, yeah that old chestnut. Someone proved you wrong, so you must have been kidding.

          7. never said I was being serious, its very obvious I was being sarcastic….you are obviously that guy in your small group of friends. =) get a sense of humor. or respond again and with another “old chestnut” lead in to your next response

          8. Keep digging kiddo.

            I have a fine sense of humor, but humor and sarcasm are not the same thing.

          9. haha nah I know, I apologize. I was really thinking you were just playin back with me. I should have quit a way long time ago. u are right, i’m reaching very far =)

      2. I see people every single day who don’t use cases. I don’t like cases myself. Is that really surprising?

        1. dont like? or dont use? and of course there are people who dont use cases, I was being sarcastic

          1. On and off. Most of the time I don’t. I don’t like cases. I don’t like how they feel, and I don’t like how they take away from the natural design of the phone. Haven’t dropped a phone since probably 2000. If I drop it today, so be it.

          2. got nothing to complain about with that! I’ve always had a case on all of my devices but you are right….it does take away from the natural feel of the device. I bought the thinnest case they had for my Nexus 6, just so it would not make it feel any bigger but would protect it from little nicks and bumps.

      3. I don’t use a case. I judge your judging me. ;-)

        1. haha touche

      4. I have a N6 from the play store…so it’s no matter to me. However, I use a clear case…so the logo would be noticeable.

      5. Some people don’t want to be walking advertisements for Verizon or ATT.

        1. I like the car argument below….do you remove everything after you buy one?? i mean come on, does it matter? everything is commercialized in just about every way possible now in days, thats my point

          1. The car argument doesn’t apply. If the dealership put their logo on the car, then it would.

          2. ….yeah good point, i got nothing to that logic (no sarcasm)

          3. Most dealerships do put their logos on the cars they sell

          4. Only on the number plates.

  7. Ehhh I’m surprised anyone who’s still waiting is passionate enough about a logo

  8. Passionate? Ever had graffiti on your property? Sometimes it’s easy to remove and other times it’s not like the home button especially when you pay full price and not subsidized.

  9. It looks better with the logo on it

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