Feb 26th, 2015


Recently, popular phone skin manufacturer dbrand ran a promotion where they were offering 25% off of all skins. Being a former Motorola Moto X user, I was already familiar with customizing the exterior of my phone, but I’ve never used a phone skin before and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a skin newbie like myself to partake in the world of customizing the outside of your phone with third party accessories. It was time to spruce up my boring Nexus 6.

So, what exactly is a phone skin? Often called wraps or decals, they’re made from 3M vinyl and are essentially high quality stickers. All skins are 100% resistant to scratching and fading. The most important part here though is that the adhesive used never leaves any residue on the back of your phone, kind of like a 3M Post-It Note, so that you’re able to apply and reapply as many skins as you like and not damage your precious Android phone.

I chose a simple carbon fiber skin for my Nexus 6, though dbrand has plenty of colors and textures that can be mixed and matched together to create your very own style.


Being a bit of a perfectionist, I was worried that the dbrand skin for my Nexus 6 wouldn’t line up perfectly, have gaps, or just wouldn’t look good. I’ve been using this skin for a few days now and can say that I’m happy with the results. The entire skin screams precision as the cutout matches up perfectly on all sides and even around the Nexus logo too. The back of the Nexus 6 is a little slick, so I’m also enjoying the added grip and feel thanks to the carbon fiber texture as I’m not really a case type of guy.

If you’re looking to spruce up your plain looking Nexus 6, head on over the dbrand’s online store. Skins for the Nexus 6 start at $10 a pop.

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