Spigen’s Galaxy S6 Edge cases now available for pre-order, renders show off front view


Spigen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases

Shortly after we got a good look at the side profile of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge courtesy of T-Mobile and AT&T, case maker Spigen is now ready to let the cat out of the bag. Taking to their Facebook page, they’ve announced that their Galaxy S6 cases are now available for pre-order, showing them off with new shiny renders.

While they do show off the front of their cases, we should note that the device within looks more like a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge than anything (notice the curved edge on only one side, while the Galaxy S6 Edge is rumored to have curves on both sides). In fact, most of the device renders on their actual Amazon product page cleverly hide the left side of the device. That should be your first clue that this isn’t entirely accurate.

Looks like we’re still looking toward Samsung’s March 1st for our first real look at the device in all its glory. That is, if Samsung can continue keeping everything under wraps until then. If you already have your heart set on the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can pre-order (or browse) Spigen’s new cases via the link below.


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  1. If you look further down the list, after clicking on the amazon link, you’ll find a case that shows a front view with both rounded sides. The lk case.

    1. This…

      1. now THAT is sexy design

  2. And there she blows…. I am willing to bet – with 98.972% +-.1.5% certainty, that is what the Edge looks like.

  3. I feel like we have been rendered to death with all these “Leaks”

    1. Oh, ho ho. Clever, clever.

  4. Looks exactly like s4, and S5, minus the edge display. Am I the only one who doesn’t see what makes the edge display desirable? Will it get left behind by Samsung the same way that S4 phone variation with the 2nd display on bottom for notifications did? Me thinks so

    1. I want to see it in person before I act hasty and dismiss it.


        Remember this stupid thing? It has evolved to the galaxy 6 edge LOL

  5. Just heard from my Samsung rep. There’s a regular s6 an edge an active and a mini coming

    1. Sounds legit. My Samsung rep told me that the home button was made out of unicorn horn in order to sway 35% of home-button haters.

  6. Not interested. Used the Note Edge for a few weeks. Never saw the point of the Edge. Not worth the extra extra change. Yes I put “extra ” twice on purpose b/c $100 is a lot of change.

  7. I had an ad for the M9 show me a Spigen case.

  8. Lame single sided edge display..soooo 2014…

  9. Is it just me or does the notification bar look straight from an iPhone? I hope it’s a ‘shopped image and not what Samsung is going to do.

    1. That was a good catch, you’re absolutely correct. It does look like the iPhone interface quite a bit.

    2. Yep, people who Photoshop often don’t think about what they are doing.

  10. This has nothing to do with the HTC One M9, what gives?!

    1. It’s 2015, HTC is so 2011.

      1. Listen I will find you and hunt you down… I have no issues with eating your soul.

  11. Still with the Sammy home button.. Now that’s what lg is doing with knock

  12. The Phone better not be plastic. Or else, dot dot dot.

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