Feb 16th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:11 pm

HTC One M9 wallpaper 1

The HTC One M9’s unveiling is less than 2 weeks away and as we approach their March 1st event, fans are continuing to piece together every last shred of information relating to the device. Our latest bit of info relates to the display and one of the many stock HTC wallpapers featured in the One M9.

Android developer @LlabTooFeR has leaked one of the many wallpapers featured in Sense 7 (the One M9’s custom Android software) and will continue doing so every day until the phone’s launch. Android developers like LlabtooFeR regularly get a hold of leaked HTC software builds, taking them apart and customizing them as part of their own ROMs. In this case, he seems to have come across a leaked HTC One M9 build, making available 1 of the wallpapers inside for download.

Dimensions of the wallpaper (2,160 x 1,920) once again confirm reports that — unlike the majority of other Android flagships launching this year — HTC will be opting for a 1080p display on the One M9 and wont play into the game of higher pixel density as a way of touting a device’s superiority. Ironically, this is one way the One M9 will have a real-world edge over the competition, with less pixels for the CPU to push theoretically bringing better battery life and performance over 2K rivals. Nice.

Download wallpaper on MediaFire

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