First wallpaper taken from the HTC One M9 leaked, resolution confirms respectable 1080p display


HTC One M9 wallpaper 1

The HTC One M9’s unveiling is less than 2 weeks away and as we approach their March 1st event, fans are continuing to piece together every last shred of information relating to the device. Our latest bit of info relates to the display and one of the many stock HTC wallpapers featured in the One M9.

Android developer @LlabTooFeR has leaked one of the many wallpapers featured in Sense 7 (the One M9’s custom Android software) and will continue doing so every day until the phone’s launch. Android developers like LlabtooFeR regularly get a hold of leaked HTC software builds, taking them apart and customizing them as part of their own ROMs. In this case, he seems to have come across a leaked HTC One M9 build, making available 1 of the wallpapers inside for download.

Dimensions of the wallpaper (2,160 x 1,920) once again confirm reports that — unlike the majority of other Android flagships launching this year — HTC will be opting for a 1080p display on the One M9 and wont play into the game of higher pixel density as a way of touting a device’s superiority. Ironically, this is one way the One M9 will have a real-world edge over the competition, with less pixels for the CPU to push theoretically bringing better battery life and performance over 2K rivals. Nice.

Download wallpaper on MediaFire

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  1. yeah buddy.

  2. Another check in the “pros” column for the M9.

  3. Good, no need for quad-HD! Wasted energy.

  4. You think they’d ever be brave enough to make a version with JUST the front speakers and display and NOT have the HTC logo at all? Max the real-estate?

    1. I’m not sure what kind of engineering roadblocks are preventing that from happening, but we can certainly dream. Maybe they’re saving it for the One M10?

    2. Huh? There’s a leak out where there’s all screen and the bottom area where they have the HTC Logo as if the logo is the speaker opening.

      1. Do share porfa.

        1. http://www.androidcentral.com/sites/androidcentral.com/files/styles/large/public/article_images/2015/01/evl-m9-render-leak.jpg?itok=62uy-CGX

          This leak was supposedly an “official” render. I think Phandroid posted about this one.

          It’s the M9 and the M9 Plus, retrospectively.

          This would be SO lovely if the M9 does look like that.

          1. Those front-facing speakers would be missed.

          2. It was stated that the speakers “are” there and this is just a render. I was assuming the logo would be some kind of opening or something. Like the holes are the logo.

            Others had said the speakers are on the top and bottom? Meh… I think the first makes more sense (no pun intended).

            I’m not entirely sure though. This looks like a design that cannot house front facing speakers. Though, it does look nice. =.3

          3. Heck yeah it looks nice!

  5. If this truly is a leaked wallpaper take note that the resolution is 1080×2160. The reason I say this is because, on my M8(at least, I don’t know if the m7 or other current HTC phones are the same) the stock wallpapers are 1080×1920. Because of this on sense 6 wallpapers don’t scroll when swiping between homescreens. My point being that with a wallpaper resolution of 1080×2160 the launcher may have scrollable wallpapers as a part of sense 7. I’m not necessarily partial to one or the other but it’s just something others might be interested in.

    1. i’m not saying your wrong about sense 7 have scrollable wallpapers, but i think that feature is independent of the resolution of an image. On my G3, and can download a square, low-rez instagram photo and make it scrollable between homescreens.

  6. Really wish we could stop talking about higher resolutions than 1920×1080. They are, and will be until the end of the human race completely and utterly pointless on a Smartphone. No display is ever going to be more useful than 5″ 1080p which is over 400pi unless 100,000 years from now our hands are bigger and we have eagle eyes. Let’s talk about useful things from now on like color accuracy, black levels, viewing angles and energy efficiency.

    1. I agree, and higher frame rates as well.

    2. All things that come with pushing the boundaries of display technology.

  7. Sweet! Now I don’t need the phone…

  8. smart move, ultra high res. is useless on a phone, all is does it suck battery life. while some apps do use the additional room, alot of the time it just seems like qHD and a HD res. look the same, just the hd makes things massive

    1. It’s takes more processing power out of the chips then it does battery life. Kudos to htc for realising not many people care about a qhd display

  9. Better battery life is the best feature.

  10. Now if it isn’t priced stupidly high, I’ll buy off contract because M9 >> Giant Nexus 6

  11. This will be my next phone for sure! Go HTC!

  12. This is the new phone I am looking at, I don’t believe in phones over 1080, they’re a waste of resources.

  13. Still own and love my m8, will be buying this on day one ;)

  14. I really hope this sends a message to other manufacturers that Quad HD is useless and just hurts performance. My nexus 6 would be perfect if it had a 1080p display. Really hope there’s an m9 max or the z4 ultra has a 1080p display.

    1. Keeping my finger cross for an M9 Max and hope it still comes with the finger scanner.

      1. The one max was a beauty. Really underrated phone. I would buy an m9 max in a heartbeat, my nexus 6 would end gathering dust in my desk drawer if an m9 max was announced.

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