US Cellular’s Moto X (2nd Gen) now receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop


Nova Launcher Moto X 2014 DSC07206

Android Lollipop continues to make some headway amongst Android’s bigger flagships. After watching it arrive earlier today for the T-Mobile HTC One M8 and the AT&T LG G3, it’s finally arriving for the Motorola Moto X 2014 on US Cellular. The update reportedly weighs in at around 400MB, so it’s fairly hefty. And it should be. This is a major firmware update and in terms of design, a complete retelling of the Android experience as it appears on mobile.

The US Cellular Moto X (2nd Gen) model officially joins the unlocked Pure Edition and Verizon Wireless versions of the device in the Lollipop winner’s circle. For more on what you can expect from Lollipop, make sure you check out our post “15 Tips & Tricks for Android Lollipop Users.” To check if the over-the-air update (rolling out now in stages) is available on your Moto X, jump into your Settings app and select > About phone > System updates. Good luck!

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  1. And I read somewhere that the AT&T Moto X may not see lollipop and they may wait til 5.1 because of how buggy 5.0 is. Lol AT&T is laughable.

    1. I mean, it sucks, but if I had a Moto X on AT&T, I’d be cool with that. Providing they can get out 5.1 in a timely manner (lol).

    2. yeah I understand the aggravation, I have a Nexus 6 on AT&T….I’m dying to receive 5.1 but trust me, its buggy, so is 5.0.1. You will hate being upgraded to it in too many ways. It has a lot of awesome things but this is one time I want to preach patience for people waiting for the update.

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