You can pick up Kaskade’s ‘I Remember’ compilation album for free on Google Play



If you hurry, you can grab the album “I Remember” by popular DJ/ music producer Ryan Raddon — better known as Kaskade — for free in the Google Play Store. The compilation album has a solid 4+ star rating in the Play Store and includes over 19 iconic Kaskade tracks.

Just don’t call it a “Best Of” album. Kaskade himself says it’s more like an “initiation” into his world of electronic music. Sounds good to us. Quick and easy download link provided below. Oh, and this is US-only.

Download on Google Play: I Remember by Kaskade

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  1. I am sensing… not a lot of interest here.

    1. Because we are busy downloading and listening to the album at the moment lol (at least I am)

      1. Same. I’m not really too familiar with the whole electronic music scene, but I’ve been listening a lot to Porter Robinson’s latest album (Worlds).

        If anyone knows of any other DJs that have a similar sound, I’d greatly appreciate some suggestions. :)

        1. I don’t know what you like in the way of electronic music, I’m not huge on it myself, but you could try Miami Horror, or Strange Talk. A couple of Australian groups that I like. Savant is another one that’s pretty good. And Death Grips if you like sorta electronic industrial rap.

  2. So many good tracks in one album. Kaskade is epic.

  3. Good stuff. Thanks! Didn’t want to miss this.

  4. That’s awesome, thanks for the heads up! Just got a great album for free :)

  5. This item isn’t available in your country :-(

  6. Thanks for sharing this! Works in Canada =)

    1. What!? Did hell freeze over!? Going to check it out now…

  7. Very disappointed this isn’t available to Aussies. Ultra jelly

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