Jan 30th, 2015

Project Tango Google featured large

After learning that Google Glass had officially moved out of Google X labs (and, as we later learned, being reboot), another experimental project at Google is moving on up. This time, graduating out of Google’s Advanced Technologies and Project group (a more mobile focused counterpart to Google X) is Project Tango, Google’s 3D mapping project we saw introduced last year and more recently, via the the Project Tango tablet.

project tango tablet

The boys at Google ATAP announced the news on their Google+ page where they mention the project has officially made its way out of ATAP and into a new home within Google. The ATAP team — which strives for innovation by setting up temporary project teams with ambitious goals and short 2 year deadlines — wasn’t revealing exactly where Project Tango will go from here, or how we’ll see it implemented in future devices, but it’s clear this isn’t the last we’ve seen out of the technology.

As a refresher, Project Tango looks to give mobile devices (and possibly robots?) a “human-scale understanding” of space and motion using a combination of cameras and sensors and was one of 11 projects the Google ATAP team was working on (the Project Ara modular smartphone being another). We’re extremely excited and hopeful at what Google has in store for 2015. Should be a real interesting year.



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