Moto 360 leather watchbands get 4 new color options courtesy of DODOcase


Motorola Moto 360 DODOcase leather watchbands

The Moto 360, while a sexy smartwatch in and of itself thanks to a timeless circular design, is fairly limited in terms of available leather watchbands. Sure you can find watchband replacements from other retailers, but they’re not always a perfect fit.

A few months back, Motorola added brown leather to the black and stone colored Horween leather options, but it seems they’re branching out to a new company. Enter DODOcase. The Sand Francisco-based company are the same guys who make premium leather bound book cases for various devices (like the Nexus 7 below).

DODOCase Nexus 7 Classic Charcoal

If you head on over to Motorola’s site, you’ll notice new watchbands from DODO are now available for purchase. Constructed out of premium stitched Pergamena leather, these watchbands will run you a cool $60 (the Horween leather bands are $30), but come in eco-friendly colors died using materials safe for the environment. Colors include blue, green, red, and tan. For more info on Pergamena, check out the video below.

The new DODOcase watchbands shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. They were announced back in November on Motorola’s blog. For those of you interested in buying, link provided below.

Buy on Motorola: DODO leather watchbands for Moto 360

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  1. Would love to have one in Green but not for $60… Kind of steep if you ask me…

    1. But it’s made with premium Pergamena. Pretty sure it’s human skin. O_o

  2. What is stopping third parties from creating watchbands for all these smart watches at cheaper then average prices?

    1. Nothing is stopping them… most of the smart watches just need a 22MM standard watch band. I have bought many for my LG G watch. But the Moto360 uses special center spacers and you can find some 3rd party places that are selling bands that will fit with the proper spacers included. But the ones from Moto Fit perfectly and are high quality… just don’t know if they are worth 60 Bones.

  3. I thought dodos were extinct???

  4. Careful when buying bands for the Moto 360, they tend to break the plastic on the back of the watch. I wish they sold the plastic adapters separately so i can use any watchband.

  5. Want some color for your Moto 360? We created the first Moto 360 Silicone cases and have matching bands
    available! Perfect for the more active Moto 360 user or anybody who
    wants to add a little color to their look! The bands are sweat resistant
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  6. $60 for watch band? Talk about price gouging.

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