Motorola says promised Lollipop update is coming ‘really soon’ to 2013/2014 smartphone lineup


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While it feels like it was only yesterday when Lollipop began rolling out to the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition and Nexus devices, for some, the wait is leaving more of a bitter taste in their mouths. This seems to have something to do with relatively small few who get to enjoy the bugs and memory leaks that come with early adoption, while everyone else with older Motorola devices is forced to wait on the sidelines with their old, stable Android firmware while Google n’ Motorola work on ironing out all the bugs. As we mentioned before, there were a handful of them.

Today, Motorola software engineer Luciano Carvalho took to Google+ to shed a little light on what’s been keeping Lollipop from rolling out across the rest of Motorola’s smartphone portfolio. He reminds everyone that, as promised, Lollipop will be arriving “really soon” to Motorola’s 2013-2014 smartphone lineup, they just want to make sure they’ve squashed most of the bugs you’ve been hearing about first. In fact, he’s pointed out that limited soak tests of Android 5.0.2 have already begun for some in different parts of the world and if no critical bugs are found, a more broad rollout will begin shortly thereafter.

We should point out that bugs in Android can be device specific, this is due to the vast differences in hardware across a multitude of devices. Just because Motorola may have squashed some of the known bugs in 5.0.2 doesn’t mean they’re totally in the clear. They will still need to test the software on each one of their devices to ensure total compatibility and make sure no other bugs pop up.

Anyone with 1st-gen Motorola devices will first need to make sure the “Motorola Update Services” app on their device is up-to-date in the Google Play Store. If you don’t see the app just yet, don’t worry — Motorola says you’ll soon be able to download it “really soon” so be on the lookout.

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  1. Every time I see that photo used I think to myself “I freaking want those paintings” sorry just had to let you know.

    1. The gf made ’em :)

  2. Got 5.0.2 today

    1. Hopefully that means my sister will get it on hers very soon.

      1. Does she even know what Android Lollipop is? I’m only asking because many people don’t give a crap if it’s not an iPhone or “a Galaxy” like some people call it (as if there’s only one Galaxy). I’ve talked to people that don’t even know that iPhones and iPads run on iOS.

        1. Man don’t just assume everyone is dumb. Of course she knows what it is. I’m obsessed with technology. She gets all of her information through me. Trust me, she even uses nova launcher and has custom icon packs and tweaks around with it herself. I even put custom roms on her phone sometimes when they need it.


          She loves her Moto G.

          1. I apologise if I seem like that but I’ve literally only met two guys in my life that know anything about modifying phones to a certain degree. It seems that most people really don’t have the time, they don’t know or they don’t care enough to look into it.

          2. Sucks knowing ignorant people mate. I know the feeling.

  3. My 2013 Nexus 7 wifi still doesn’t have Lollipop.

    1. I’ve had it on my N7 since day 1, and really it doesn’t feel any smoother or faster or more stable than it did on KK. It feels about the same, except with a bunch more fluffy animations.

    2. IIRC Google pulled the OTA builds due to bugs. You can still update manually, but really I would wait.

  4. My Moto X 2014 is on 5.0 and Google Search crashes twice a day ever since the update. Other apps stop unexpectedly too. It’s more than a little annoying. It needs an update.

  5. I’m on moto x gen 2 running 5.0 with no problems. Touch wood

    1. I don’t think that Atomic wants to touch your wood.

  6. I swear, AT&T or Moto must hate the Nexus 6….all of these bugs and older phones keep beating it to the updates. ARGH!

  7. My 2014 MotoX had lollipop out of the box (Dec 24). It’s been running great! My Sportscenter app is the only issue I have, as it crashes regularly. I’m even on Verizon, I was shocked to see some lollipop when I turned the phone on.

  8. wow..my droid turbo has not gotten ANY lollipop love- go figure— flagship phone..best specs in the industry and it gets cheated on operating systems for MONTHS. What a joke in the name of “squashing bugs” I smell BS!

    1. I think it’s a blessing in disguise based on the crazy bugs some phones’ Lollipop updates have. Plus I’d almost sell my soul for a Droid Turbo but unfortunately I don’t live in the US.

  9. The Motorola Update Services app being available doesn’t equate to the 5.0.x update being made available to your phone. The title of this article conflates the two. This Motorola software engineer is only saying that those who don’t see the Motorola Update Services app as an available update in the app store will see it “really soon.” While it is a prerequisite to the any Lollipop update, it won’t trigger the update unless your phone has already been selected to receive it. I saw this available through the app store’s regular list of updates and had it installed on my Moto G (US GSM, 1st Gen) before Christmas, but have not received Lollipop.

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