The mega-hit ‘Crossy Road’ game is now available from Google Play



Crossy Road is the latest in super-addictive mobile games. iOS users have been playing this game since November, but Android users have been relegated to downloading it from the Amazon Appstore. Today Crossy Road finally made its way into the Google Play Store.

Crossy Road is all about answering simple questions like “why did the chicken cross the road?” You play as a wide variety of animals and people who must cross roads, train tracks, rivers, and more. The goal is to cross as many of these things as possible without getting hit or wet. Simply tap to hop forward and swipe to move sideways. It’s simple and addictive.

Download Crossy Road from the Play Store for free right here. What’s your high score?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Looks like a knock-off of Frogger and Freeway.

    1. What popular game nowadays isn’t a knock-off of something else?

      1. I love that argument “yeah so what?”

      2. True enough, but it would be nice if the “knock-off” brought something new to the table. Other than the intentionally blocky graphics, this doesn’t look much different than the “Frogger HD” that was released for the PS3 a few years ago.

      3. while i dont disagree with you, i alway thought flappy bird is like a retro game, but is pretty unique on its own

    2. I think “inspired from” is better and less cynical :)

      1. “Inspired by” and “almost exactly the same as” are two different things.

    3. Exactly what I thought! I played those games back on my atari 2600. Funny how defensive people are of you using the term knock-off. We know what it means and we know the amount of inspiration at this point in time. So much has already been done. Semantics.

  2. just like ‘super bunny’ from back in the floppy disk days

  3. Excellent. Really been enjoying it on iOS and didn’t feel like installing the Amazon Appstore just to get it.

  4. So frogger?

  5. This is a really bad game…

    …to begin playing just before going to sleep… it’s way too addictive!

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