Moto X (2nd Gen) now available in 64GB option, Pure Edition only


Moto X 2014 64GB

Didn’t see this one coming. We’re just about ready to ring in the New Year and out of the blue, Motorola announced the availability of the Motorola Moto X 2014 in an all new 64GB storage configuration. It’s the storage size we were asking for when the device first launched, only a few months later.

Hitting Motomaker at $600 without any of the other fixins (wood or leather), the option — which adds a cool $100 to the base model — is only available for the Moto X Pure Edition. You know, that regular ‘ol smartphone that got Lollipop before the Nexus 5. Yeah, that one.

Still on the fence about whether or not a Moto X 2014 is worth your hard earned money. Don’t forget to check out our in-depth review here.


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  1. Nice, love more options.

    1. Still crossing my fingers for a 3,900mAh battery option. Ha

  2. Hate that they advertise one price on the initial screens and don’t show the actual full price until the end. It’s more than a wee bit misleading.

    1. If you want options that’s going to cost more $. Difficult to process still?

      1. WTF are you talking about? On the main screen when you add options, you see the price change but it still isn’t the hidden price you’re suddenly hit up with until you’re ready to buy.

  3. Glad I waited.. might scoop this up.. Still wish it had a bigger battery though

    1. Yup. Not satisfied with the b. life on my original X.

    2. This

  4. Btw I’m kind of in love with the material design you guys updated the app with.

  5. Nice phone but…
    1.) Poor battery. I can’t help but think that somehow this was done to push sales of the Turbo on Verizon and Nexus 6 elsewhere.
    2.) Non-removable battery. What am I supposed to do when the battery starts degrading after some hundreds of charge cycles and I can’t get even 12 hours on a single charge?

    1. 1) I agree, it’s the only thing keeping me from this.
      2)Considering that my OG Galaxy S Vibrant had probably 1k+ charge cycles, my dad just swapped out of it and he still managed full day battery… You’ll be fine. I’ve had much better experiences with internal batteries vs swappable.

      1. Nice testimony!

      2. Last October, my brother finally upgraded from his original Droid Incredible after 4 years. I don’t think the issue is as bad as people are thinking.

    2. Modern batteries typically can go through a lot more cycles than that before degrading noticably.

  6. I’d buy this in a heartbeat for $550 for the VZW model.

  7. At this cost I would prefer to buy a Nexus 6 that has 5.96 inch display, higher resolution and support faster charging with turbo charger.

    1. Hmm…don’t both the Nexus 6 and the Moto X (2014) support fast charging?

      1. Both support fast charging but Moto X only has 2300mAh battery whereas, Nexus 6 has 3220mAh battery. So Nexus 6 is still effective if size is not the major factor!

  8. Not available for Verizon of course :( but I’m not sure this is better than the Droid Turbo

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