T-Mobile announces $100 family plan with unlimited data, available for a limited time [UPDATE]


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Just when you thought John Legere n’ friends were going to give Verizon and AT&T a break for the holidays, the #4 largest carrier in the US (that’s T-Mobile) announced a new Family Plan that’s sure to make the big dogs squirm.

The new family plan gives customers unlimited talk, text, and data for only $100 (that’s 2 lines), undercutting family plans offered by anyone in US by a huge margin. Additional lines can be added for $40 per line. Data sippers with larger families will also find the 4-line $100 family plan making a return, and comes with 10GB for everyone to share.

T-Mobile unlimited family plan infographic

Keep in mind the new plans is only available for a limited time, so you might want to check T-Mobile coverage in your area before jumping ship. The new plans will be offered to both existing and new customers starting tomorrow and we can’t wait to see how Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint launch their counter offensive.

UPDATE: Here’s some of the fine print to go along with the promotional pricing from T-Mobile:

“The 4 Lines for $100 promotional data feature returns to the normal 1GB max-speed per line in January 2016, and that the 2 Lines for $100 data feature has a hotspot/tether cap at 5GB.”


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  1. Verizon does not care and they will not blink an eye…

    1. You can bet verizon cares. They aren’t that ignorant. They will act like they dont but when they see their subscriber numbers shrinking they will know why.

      1. Except Verizon doesn’t care and their base keeps growing. Seeing as how I just started a new, better paying job, I’ll be porting my number and paying the ETF to hit the prepaid market within a month.

      2. It looks like AT&T has reacted in the past because of T-Mobile. I’m hoping for more goodies from AT&T! I got 5 extra gigs for the same price added the last go round….that’s nothing to sneeze at.

        1. Yea at&t and Verizon definitely care, they have both been dropping prices and adding data in reaction. Although not quickly enough to get me to give up my unlimited data.

          1. Don’t ever give up your unlimited data!

      3. It isn’t happening fast enough! There needs to be a leveling out of the market in the U.S. But that will take 4-6 years at the very least!

    2. Verizon has been losing subscribers ALL YEAR and hiding quarterly performance behind existing customers adding tablet lines. Cheapo garbage tablets for ‘free’ on contract at that.

      Verizon is in total desperation mode with their $150 port in credits and Verizon Edge plans.

  2. unfortunately, their data coverage is limited

    1. Exactly. It’s great in cities but where I live out in the sticks Verizon is the only company that I can actually get coverage from. So I’m stuck with paying extra if I want to use a phone

  3. What is the fine print for data throttling or 4g usage I wonder? What is the FAP?

    1. It’s unlimited 4g

    2. No throttling on tmo LTE if you have their unlimited high speed data plan

      1. I can attest to that, I usually use about 20GB’s a month, high-speed all the way through!

  4. Now, is that real unlimited or unlimited until you get to a certain limit and then they throttle you for the rest of the billing cycle?

    BTW, if Sprint’s current “bring your bill and we’ll halve it and match the data” promo is going on still, you could technically get this plan and then go to Sprint and pay half….

    1. Sprint is only halving bills from VZW and ATT, not Tmobile

      1. Guess I missed that part. There goes that idea for folks in good T-Mo and Sprint coverage.

    2. Yes it’s real unlimited. Tmobile doesn’t throttle on their unlimited LTE plan.

      1. I womder if they will at some point, when they pass 60 millioncustomers, I hope not.

  5. How much is it when you factor in the cost of the phones?

    1. I think most of their phones are like $20 a month-ish. So $140 a month.

      1. High end phones are closer to $30. It was more of a rhetorical question though.

        1. Personally, I would put down as close to $200 as I can, I’m currently paying $20/mo for my S4.

  6. It’s dumb for carriers to offer unlimited data (honestly). There are just so many people willing to spend $200 a month on a phone bill, so you have to offer the option and take their money. Why would they leave money on the table?

    (i know this will be unpopular but it’s basic economics/pricing structure).

    1. its unpopular, but i get what you’re saying. I hate it, but I get it. will keep using my vzw unlimited data until the end!

  7. This is Verizon

    1. You know Verizon has lost PHONE subscribers all year right? They are in panic mode.

    2. So you can get unlimited everything for $50 a line? Keep dreaming…

  8. I’ll just keep rock in this granfathered Unlimited Data plan on Verizon till they kick me off it.

  9. I was interested for my 2 unlimited plans on metropcs . There are a few minor perks of being a T-Mobile proper customer, but not worth it now that i know it expires in a year, to save $120 over the course of a year. We currently pay $110 a month for two unlimited , unthrotlled plans.

    1. I don’t think the 2 person plan expires, just the 4.

      1. Ah cool, if their really is no gotchas there we’re switching.

        1. Great deal for sure. It’s also no contract so if they pull anything just leave.

    2. The unlimited data plan doesn’t expire.

    3. If you look at the plan cost and break down similar to our plan, now all unlimited

      1st line: $60
      2nd line: $40

      Insurance and misc fees: $9.50/was.

      So our plan is $120/mo, all unlimited. Very comparable tp Metro

  10. What if I dont have an LTE device? My family and have 3 non-LTE GS3s…

    1. You’ll have unlimited 4G (3G/HSPA+).

      1. In the world I live in, there is no such thing as no LTE, lol!

        1. I’m perfectly fine with HSPA+ I get 6-16mbps downloads and 1-3mbps uploads…plenty fast for me and I get to enjoy my battery life

      2. Perfect….that’s cool with me..I don’t have to buy a new phone (slapping Cyanogenmod on all three) and I’ll be paying $180 instead of $250 for more data??? Count me in!!! Contract expires next week!!!

  11. Or better yet..what if I don’t want unlimited data on my other 3 lines..are they still an additional $40 each?

  12. Their unlimited plan suuuuuucks!!!! I have VZW and it’s truly unlimited and I get 50mbps downloads speeds..suck it t-mobile!! You are the 4th largest carrier for a reason!

    1. T-Mobile has been the number 1 carrier for the past year. Adding way more customers than Verizon and its not even close.

      1. Not a chance man. Not many if any people in the Madison WI area have t-mobile. Their service sucks ass here compared to VZW. Small towns where I frequent in and around the Madison area, there is no service with t-mobile, at all, where as VZW has great service at high speeds of 40mbps down and then some! T-mobile’s service is not very good here and if it is, you basically have to stay put if you’re in a location that does get a good signal. I have friends who have went on the strait talk and went off it right away because the service sucked so bad.

        1. Bull, I live in Madison, wi and my wife has iphone 6. She pulls nowhere near 40 down here. I’m usually faster with my nexus 5 on prepaid t-mobile. Yes, anywhere outside the city, Verizon is much superior. But that’s why I only pay $32.85 a month for my plan. Give and take….

          1. Exactly, the towns I frequent, t-mobile is non existent!!!

        2. Ok that’s where YOU live. On a nationwide basis tmobile has been adding customers. Verizon has been losing customers. These are the facts of the U.S. wireless industry for the past year.

      2. Ladies, Gentlemen, all of you stop bragging about your stinking carriers, they all are out there to vacuum our $$. Each one of them sucks more than the other including my carrier AT&T…

        1. But a healthy Tmobile is better for everyone whether you have Tmobile or not. People liking this years double data offers from Verizon/Att or edge/next upgrade plans have Tmobile to thank.

    2. You’re either lying, or not on any of Verizon’s current plans. And on top of that, Verizon throttles their unlimited customers.

      1. They sure don’t! I constantly use my 4G and I get 50 mbps download speeds and typically 10 or so upload and I have never experienced a delay in my speed. I go through over 100 gig a month as I use it for my high speed internet at home. Trust me, I check my data speeds CONSTANTLY and have never been below 40 mpbs down at my place. it is a known fact that VZW doesn’t throttle their customers like T-mobile! They were going to do it starting October 1st but the FCC made them think otherwise!

        1. You are lying like a dog.

          1. There is never a point in lying! What good would that do?? NOTHING! I know what service I and others have and it sure in isn’t t-crapo. No service in most places I frequent and not truly unlimited if it were!! I’ve had VZW for 8 years!

        2. I’m in LA (Redondo Beach) on T-Mobile, while my gf is on Verizon. I consistently pull in faster data speeds than her. Not saying that’s typical everywhere you go, but LA is a pretty big market.

        3. OK it’s nice to brag and all but new customers can’t get on Verizon unlimited Lol.

          1. True sorry I shouldn’t brag :)

        4. Dude, there are people on here telling you T-Mobile doesn’t throttle it’s unlimited customers, I use about 20GB’s a month, high-speed all the way through.

          1. If you read the fine print they do. If I read correctly, after 5 gigs of data, your speeds are reduced dramatically! You might use 20gb’s per month, but I bet you’re not getting 50 mbps download speeds like me through out and I use over 100gig a month! It’s never a slow down as I do a speed test on a daily basis just to see what I’m getting!

          2. They have a plan that is 5GB LTE then unlimited but throttled to 2G speeds after that. They also have a plan that’s truly unlimited LTE.

          3. Is it truly unlimited though? I heard it’s not truly unlimited like us people who were grandfathered in with unlimited with VZW.

          4. Yes, it’s real, true, unlimited. Maybe you’re thinking of AT&T, who throttles their unlimited data users at 5GB (and even at 3GB if there’s congestion on the network).

          5. So now my question would be. What kind of plan can I get from them that’s truly unlimited? what does it cost to be truly unlimited? I don’t see anything on their website giving me that option.

          6. The one on the right… and of course the $100 2 line family this article talks about.

            Edit: The picture came from:

          7. I have att unlimited. Been hoping they would stop the throttling soon since Verizon chose not to throttle. It’s usually 1/2 Mb speeds after 5Gb lol

      2. Yea they don’t throttle unlimited.

    3. screenshot a speedtest and post it. problem solved… pics or it didn’t happen. if what he says is true apologies should be issued and if not live up to the title of internet liar.

      1. Here was one of my screen test I found and that was way back on January of this year, before VZW even turned on XLTE

      2. I don’t have a featured phone now as I sold my S5, using a pay as you go. Once I get my featured phone back, I’ll be showing my speed tests!! Trust me, it is unlimited and it is fast pretty much wherever I go.

    4. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/1083802173 t-mobile in Salem, and about 60GB in. 50mbps? lol

      1. Speaking of, here’s another screenshot of a speed test I just took up in Baraboo WI this past weekend. There, t-mobile, ATT do not have 4G, mainly 3G and 2G in that area. 68.51 down, 15.92 up!!!


  13. When someone makes truly usable unlimited LTE data again, that’s when we should all get excited.

    1. Tmobile’s LTE is truly unlimited. It’s the best quality network for many millions of people. Sorry if you’re not one of them.

      1. Eh, I have that and they still slowed me down. I’m not happy about it.

        1. Lies, I have unlimited with T-Mobile and I have never been throttled.

          1. Same here, 20GB’s a month, no throttling, that guy is just a fanboi of Verizon is all.

          2. Yeah, I’m a Verizon fan boy. That’s why I paid an almost $400 ETF to leave Verizon and go to T-Mobile when the G2x came out. STFU.

          3. Lies? I have T-Mobile also with unlimited LTE and had a note on my account for 9 days saying I had reached my limit and was being slowed down until my billing cycle renewed. All I have done is stream music.
            So take your accusations and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.
            I like how people think that something isn’t possible because it hasn’t happened to them.

          4. “had a note on my account for 9 days saying I had reached my limit and was being slowed down until my billing cycle renewed”

            CS reps on Reddit confirmed that was just a website bug. Your speeds should have been the same as always.

          5. I don’t use reddit, so I had no idea it was bogus. Interesting.

        2. They will only throttle you if you run a service on the phone. Service being anything that listens for inbound connections. Webserver, torrents or other P2P connections, etc.

          1. I don’t use any of those types of services.

          2. Then either you aren’t being slowed down, you don’t have the plan you think you do, there’s a problem on T-Mobile’s end (like an overloaded tower), or you saw the bogus throttling warning on my.t-mobile last month and just assumed.

            Too many people are using 40-100GB/month without issue for it to be anything else.

      2. If they don’t throttle the data why do they mention 10gb of LTE? If it doesn’t get throttle that 10gb is misleading.

        1. “and comes with 10GB for everyone to share.” Because no where does that particular plan does it say it’s unlimited. That’s a 10GB plan.

          I’ve had the unlimited plan for a year now and have never been throttled, I average about 15gb of data per month.

          1. same here i’ve been with t-mobile since it was “suncom” over here. Now i have a truly unlimited experience and i use between 10 and 25 gb per month (lots of downloads, lots of streaming)

        2. Punctuation. I should use it, lol.

        3. You are confused t-mobile sells both unlimited 4g lte plans,in addition to their normal plans that have a set amount of lte 1/2/2.5/3/5/10gb with unlimited 2g after you use up you’re allotment. In addition unlimited 4g lte plans generally include a set amount 5gb currently of tethered data.

          1. OK

        4. It’s two offers. One is four lines for $100 with 10GB. The other is 2 lines for $100 with unlimited LTE with each additional line being $40.

  14. Not sure what the big deal is with everyone complaining. This means I now get unlimited data for the same price as my current 3GB.

    It’s $50/line for the first two lines, all unlimited. That’s great for my wife and I. Guess you just can’t please some people.

  15. Ooooooh. I might have to see if I can’t get this for my fiance and I.

  16. That is some really crazy fine print. no thanks

    1. What fine print? It’s two lines with all you can eat LTE speed data for $100. So unlimited GBs a month. How could it get any simpler? Tethering is restricted to 5GB.

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