Freescale announces wireless charging solution that’s 3x as fast as current tech


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Over the years, we’ve seen wireless charging technology make big strides when it comes to mobile adoption. Still, for Android users looking to cut the power cord out completely from their lives, they’re still faced with some pretty big trade-offs. The biggest issue being speed, which sees current wireless chargers peaking at around 5W. In comparison, newer Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 compatible USB chargers top out at around 15W.

Take into account Android flagships being outfitted with bigger, badder batteries and you’re looking wireless charging that could potentially take all day (or at least a good chunk of it) before being topped off. It’s these reasons many feel wireless charging isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. But not so fast…

Today, a company called Freescale announced a new wireless charging solution that can deliver 15 watts of total output. That’s like a wireless Motorola Turbo Charger. With reference designs due out by Q1 of 2015, Freescale will still need to catch the eye of big name OEMs before we see this tech in the next Galaxy Tab. The good news? Freescale’s says their wireless charging tech is compliant with both Qi and Power Matters Alliance, so you wont have to worry about incompatibility.

Hopefully we hear more about this technology as both the WPR1516 receiver chip and WCT1012 transmitter chip become available next year.

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  1. Really makes me wish my Oneplus had wireless charging. Missing my Nexus 4

  2. Freescale has it’s origin from Motorola semiconductors. Therefore this name is well known in the industry.

  3. Awesome

  4. Wireless charging really is a make or break with me. Its why I bought my nexus 4 without lte and why i bought my nexus 5. When i lost my wall plug and found one for a camera that wouldnt charge through the port wireless charging saved the day

    1. wireless charging can be added to certain phones even if it doesn’t come native

      1. I like my phone to have non removable back and i like to go naked without a case also i dont care about an sd card since i havent used one since the Optimus V

  5. This gets my attention! But it won’t be in the S6, it won’t be ready.

  6. What I wonder about these fast chargers is whether it will degrade the long-term life of the battery. The normal, slower chargers might be healthier for it in the long run.

  7. Not exactly an obscure company… It’s the former Motorola Semiconductor branch (you know, the brains behind the PowerPC chips that powered Macs in the 80’s & 90’s). The stuff they’re doing today is less well-known (such as chips for the computers in your cars), so it’s good to see their R&D is still kicking :)

  8. What wireless charger is that in the photo above???

    Looking to pick up an angled one like that for me Nexus 6….

    1. If I’m not mistaking..that is a Nexus wireless charger which debut with the nexus 4….

  9. I recently bought a Note 4 QI charging back cover, so I’d totally get this. Right now the regular Qi charger (got it for 5$ on eBay) is somewhat slow, but usable. This would be more convenient.

  10. That’s sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.. i need one

  11. Qi wireless charging is AT BEST 75% efficient. At least 25% of the power delivered to the charging plate gets transformed into heat. With the current 2 watt chargers, that’s manageable. But if 25% of the power in this 15 watt charger turns into heat, you’re going to run into problems with a lot of existing phones, which simply aren’t constructed to dissipate that much heat. Heat is the enemy of electronics and batteries.

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