Nov 25th, 2014


For anyone looking to rely less on Google’s apps and services, Dropbox has long been our favorite app for backing up files from our smartphone to our desktop. Not too long ago, they launched a companion app called Carousel, meant to give users quick and easy access to all of their backed up photos, and share them easily with loved ones. We’ve been using the app since day 1 and although it’s certainly gotten the job done, we felt it could benefit greatly from a few additional features.

As it turns out, Carousel could soon add a very important new feature, one that’s being tested by a select group of users. The feature allows users to choose whether or not they want already backed up photos videos stored on their smartphone to get deleted once available space becomes low. This would help users worry less about managing space and deleting old photos/videos manually, and continue snapping pics without fear that they’ll run out of internal storage.

Because Carousel also features a handy timeline for managing photos by date, it encourages users to make Carousel their primary gallery app, one that can display photos taken from all your devices, whether they’re smartphones, tablets, or even iOS.

The email, which is being sent as a limited “sneak peek” at the upcoming feature, doesn’t give a date for the rollout, but expect an update to the Carousel app sometime in the near future.

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