Best Buy offering blue colored Motorola DROID Turbo in Ballistic Nylon


Motorola Droid Turbo Blue ballistic nylon

There’s no question the Motorola DROID Turbo is the undisputed spec sheet king of smartphones (the ones you can use 1-handed, anyway). In typical Motorola fashion, the phone is actually available in a variety of finishes and colors — Kevlar fiber or “Ballistic” nylon. The problem? If you have your heart set on the threaded backing, the Ballistic nylon model is only available in black. But it appears it wont be that way for long…

Enter Best Buy who recently popped up with a listing for a blue version of the Motorola DROID Turbo in Ballistic nylon. It’s not available quite yet, but whenever it is, you’ll find it offered for the same $200 on-contract pricing. For anyone hanging onto those grandfathered unlimited plans, you can also get one full priced at $700.

Still on the fence about picking one up? Make sure you check out our Motorola DROID Turbo review here.

[Best Buy]

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  1. If I wasn’t so invested in the Galaxy Note ecosystem, this would be the phone for me. That and if it wasn’t a US carrier exclusive (I’m in the great white north.)

  2. the black Ballistic Nylon Turbo doesn’t have a verizon tramp stamp on it. I wonder if this render is accurate.

  3. Soooo, THIS balistic nylon is $50 more (full retail) than the black balistic nylon? Unless this would house the 64gb…which would be nice since bestbuy doesnt carry the 64gb version yet. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/motorola-droid-turbo-4g-lte-with-32gb-memory-cell-phone-metallic-black-verizon-wireless/9943093.p?id=1219452921260&skuId=9943093

  4. I received the blue ballistic nylon tonight from a local best buy. Not sure if he was supposed to sell it yet but I can confirm that it does not have the Verizon logo. It is a lot slicker in thr grip than I thought it would be. You would think it would be more friction but the nubs provide less grip. On already contemplating a return for the metal version. The blue is a really nice deep blue though.

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