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Before the Moto 360 and other Android Wear devices arrived on the scene Pebble was the most popular smartwatch. In many people’s opinion it still is, but the space has gotten much more crowded. One thing that Android Wear devices do better than Pebble is notifications, but Pebble is trying to change that.

The latest update to the Pebble app for Android adds a very important feature: full notification support. Previously the Pebble app only supported notifications for phone calls, SMS, and Gmail. Users had to rely on 3rd-party apps to get any more than that. Now you can choose which apps are allowed to send notifications to the Pebble. Unfortunately dismissing a notification on the Pebble still doesn’t remove it from your phone.

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The entire app has been rewritten from the ground up to be faster and more reliable. If you’re a Pebble user you know how badly this update was needed. Pebble is still one of the best smartwatch options available today, and it should only get better. Download Pebble for Android right here. Do you have a Pebble?

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  1. I love it. I switched to Google’s Inbox instead of GMail and until now Pebble had no way to natively send my Inbox notifications. It works great now.

  2. I’d love it more if the 3rd party notifications app I’ve been using hadn’t just added functionality letting you choose whether to clear the notification on your phone or just your Pebble, among other options.

  3. Pebble is still on the top of my list as far as smartwatches go mostly because of battery life. The watch does desperately need a redesign though Imo.

    1. Sure battery life rocks, it’s got a 1990’s display. The Pebble app is more advanced than that watch.

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