Latest Nova Launcher Beta adds Lollipop-style app drawer cards and animation [DOWNLOAD]


Nova Launcher 3.3 Beta 1 update

The last time we heard from Nova Launcher it was adding Lollipop-style folders late last month with promises of app drawer “cards” down the road. It seems that time has come. Well, somewhat. Developer Kevin Barry posted the new Nova Launcher 3.3 Beta 1 to his Google+ Community page this morning with an all new opaque, card-style app drawer. Just like you’d find on Android 5.0 Lollipop with the Google Now launcher.

The opening animation isn’t quite as smooth as you’ll find it on L, but it’s close enough. You’ll probably need to tweak some additional settings if you’re shooting for the complete Lollipop look. Our advice? Changing the scroll effect to “none” and tab style to “small tabs.” After that, you should have a launcher that’s nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

You can download the latest beta right here.

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  1. Sweet as always.

  2. Sadly, most of the updates I see these days in the Play Store are about the new material design – which I think is a step down from Halo – and occasionally “minor bug fixes” … talk about style over substance. No one really seems to be putting much effort these days into adding new features that will actually make the apps better. Instead, it’s all about looks. Maybe I’ll end up getting a windows phone after all.

    1. Lol yeah that’s the answer…. Nobody focuses on apps, I’ll go to a platform where developers don’t even make apps ….seems logical I ……guess ???

    2. It’s just a phase. Once everybody gets over the material design craze the devs that are really serious about making quality applications will return focus to what really matters.

    3. I have been trying to get a cheap Windows phone so I could try it out. I tried the iPhone once and now I want to try Windows. I use less apps than ever now and see Windows as an interesting option.

  3. Here I thought that Nova was the real thing all along. :D

  4. Opaque drawer. Yay.

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